Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Mark Lee: Guitar player for Third Day.

Ok, I'm 48 years old and I don't get all giddy about rock bands, or rock stars or movie stars... personally I would tend not to interrupt them if I saw them eating dinner or whatever. I figure their lives are pretty abnormal as it is and I don't need to be one more addition to it.


On twitter I follow a few people that are doing pretty well as musicians in the CCM genre of music. Brandon Heath who really does not post many tweets but I like one of his songs so I started following him on twitter.

Bart Millard of Mercy Me just because I've liked these guys for a long time and their cover tune grab bags are great and Bart will announce them being posted via twitter.

I also follow Brandon Todd Wright who is a real up an comer and will have a song on the next song discovery CD coming out from worship leader magazine..

Finally.. I follow Mark Lee..the guitar player for Third Day...

The great thing about following Mark and Bart is that the tweets they post really show that they deal with a lot of the same things the rest of us deal with. They are parts of bands that are huge in Christian music. I'm sure they do ok for themselves. Now Bart always posts via txt so there is no way he can interact with folks on twitter unless there is technology out there I don't understand..
But Mark Lee...he's on twitter just like the rest of us.. and he has quite a few people following him.. but then a couple of weeks ago I got an e-mail that he was following me (actually he is now following everyone that follows him on twitter)..that's pretty cool.

A few days ago a friend of mine posted a tweet about going to a metal concert in Denver and Mark Lee actually responded... hey wow..that's cool.

Today Mark posted info about a quiz you could take to see if you could determine if a phrase was scripture or Shakespeare.

I went there and scored a 70.. boo for me...

I asked Mark how he did...not really thinking that he would respond..(I am olderbutnotup by the way) ..now I thought that this was pretty cool..now for you naysayers out there...

Here is his twitter profile..

here is his blog link

read this it's pretty funny..

here is his band..

I'm still not all giddy or whatever but I think it's pretty cool how Mark is just a guy on twitter who happens to play for one of the biggest Christian Rock bands ever.. and I like them to boot.. fell in love with them when C. Caraway introduced them to me via the offerings CD. Just kind of a cool thing that happened today.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Gas Prices again...

Don't know if you can read this picture from my facebook but .. I'm pretty frustrated about how much our gas costs in the greater Lufkin/Angelina County area. It's about a quarter a gallon more than in Tyler TX. I made some twitter posts about that and I got some feedback on my facebook feed (don't know if you can read that to the left).
Buck eighty-nine in North Texas and a buck fifty-nine in Oklahoma. Edie says it's high in the Chicagoland area but don't we Texans expect that? Sorry Edie.. I guess growing up in Texas where we have active oil drilling platforms around us.. where I grew up there were oil pump stations in all the pastures around my home(Galveston County). We should have cheaper gas in Texas right? I remember a few years ago working in New Jersey for a week and the gas was a dime cheaper than Lufkin and they pumped it for me too. Go figure...
I know when I drive to Conroe that the price of gas in Riverside is always 10 cents, 20 cents, 25 cents cheaper than Lufkin.
I have no idea how many gallons of gas get sold in Lufkin each day...I tried to find it but no luck.. but just imagine that you could sell something 12% higher than others around you over and over and over again..day in and day out.
Cha ching...