Monday, December 29, 2008



Yes that right.. I weighed today for the first time in probably a couple of years and I weigh three hundred and sixty-two I also now wear a 54 waist pants and I can't live like this any more... I've already learned from watching all my siblings that I will get diabetes...but do I need to rush it any faster? I've always had a weight problem since I was a kid. Food was my sanctuary when I was tense...and it still is. I've got to change that.

Chocolate is my heaven... and I've got to change that..or maybe just not go to heaven near as often..

Finally, I've got to move. somehow I've gotten very sedentary the last couple of years. Work used to keep me very active and now it does not because I have a great staff. I still work long hours and I've got that church gig too...tends to exhaust me and I really don't want to do anything else.

But now I'm committing to change. Not just a new years resolution but a change in my daily lifestyle. I've got to move. I started walking today.

I'm not doing a bunch of measurements and posting all that stuff and tracking my progress on sizes etc. I am laying out there for all to see that I'm too fat and I've got to make a change...I'd love your prayers and support and if you are so motivated..join me in this little exploit. No races to see who loses more faster. Just hoping to see progress. ... and I'll fail and I hope I get back up and get going again. Maybe that's why I'm letting you in on the deal. I'm gonna check my weight weekly...I'm gonna post weekly weight and approx miles walked each week. If I share it with you ... I'm a little more sold out on doing it....

If I drop some weight...maybe I can start riding a bike again too... I blogged about that way back when gas was $4.oo a gal.. would still be good for me..

Here is to a healthier, fuller and more active life!!!

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Seven Pounds

FYI..I'm going to talk about this movie on this blog post and I'd love to hear your feedback on the movie..if you have not seen it do not read this and then get mad at me for ruining it for you.....

spoiler alert..spoiler alert.spoiler alert..spoiler alert.spoiler alert..spoiler alert..spoiler alert..spoiler alert..spoiler alert..spoiler alert..spoiler alert..spoiler alert..spoiler alert..spoiler alert...............etc..

Now.. I saw the ads and the movie intrigued me. They did a good job of getting me interested and not letting me know what was really going on.

I didn't go research it because I wanted to be surprised at the movie.

Then my daughter tells me I must go see it and that I will cry. She said she boo hoo'd big time and she knew me and she knew I would too. I trust my daughter as she has seen me cry in church and at movies and other events and so she knew it would touch my heart...

I post this on twitter and a some friends want to go too... awesome... more people to know I'm a cry baby (Glover ...who went...already knows)...

So I'm not going to lay the movie out for you to surprise you with the plot..if you're reading this you either don't care to see it or you've seen it and want to know what I think and you want to tell me what you think..

I loved the movie.. I cried...and I mean .... It's a wonderful life kind of crying.. nearly sobbing in public like my momma died kinda crying..almost. Still a little more emotional than I care to be out in the open public.. my church knows me and knows that's a part of who I am but EVERYONE doesn't need to know it.. NEXT.

Rich guy taking his wife out to dinner... looks at his blackberry (I do this way too often).. swerves in to on coming traffic and kills his wife and 6 others... my thoughts on this is he is giving up the metaphorical "pound of flesh" for each person he killed.. helping others who deserve it (not what Christ would do but he's not Christ...but by making this selection he does ensure that the good things of good people continue on... Christ didn't select everyone to be his disciple to carry on his teachings and way of life so in a way I can see this as a Christ like move... he will help far more people in this world by selecting the right ones to help...ok??

I liked it when he burned the guy running the nursing home... I liked it when he gave the abused woman his home (how will she pay the taxes?) That when I started getting weepy..

Was not sure about what was going on with Woody Harrelson's character at first but later a saw what was happening.

He stated that his life was less than remarkable in a conversation with Rosario Dawson's character which tends to tell us he believes he's worthless... after who he killed and the impact on many people's lives I can see that.

Some were not happy that it seemed he never overcame that worthlessness. I believe after his night with Ms. Dawson's character...and he ran to the Hospital to see what the odds were for a rare blood type heart transplant...the story was telling us he now wanted to live. I believe at that point he was trying to find hope for his own life so that he could spend it with her. Then the gift he was now willing to give was not just his money, his possessions and his body parts because he was worthless... he was willing to give his life..which now had meaning, for the one that he loved. I believe he was redeemed in his relationship with helping her and her helping him in a way he couldn't help I cried a lot more...

And then of course the end with Ms. Dawson's character finds Woody's character and looks in to his eyes... so she could see the eyes of the one she loves... can they do that??? They've been doing that in movies for a long time but I've never been sure it could actually happen..

@Drun..did you find out if jellyfish stings render donor body parts useless?

I love the flick.. it was what I needed after weeks of peak volume and tense days at work and lots of church responsibilities around the holiday season.. it was a great release for me and I'm glad my daughter told me to see it.. can't watch it in public again though...have to do it at home...late at myself.. like I do "It's a Wonderful Life"..

Let me know what you think..did you hate it? Love it?? Not sure?? Let me know..

Friday, December 19, 2008

Eating at Cheddars tonight..

I saw one of my favorite young ladies with the last name of Anderson that's not my daughter but I'd take her any time and do anything for her any time... and that's what I'm doing here. Donna and I ate at Cheddar's tonight and Katie did not wait on our table but she brought us our food then we conversed and had fun while she worked.. she also pointed out a young man of interest named Josh.. She told me to yell at him and I did...she was then terrified that I yelled at him..just what did she think I would do??

I later called his name at other times and Katie seemed undone by this and yet she felt compelled to tell us about her wonderful date with him where he... was nice.. I won't go in to details because Katie might get mad.. Katie then made a comment about making sure that I blogged about this experience here it is. I've known Katie for a few years now and she is such a super awesome girl.. well young lady.. you should get to know her more here.

Here is a pic of Josh and Katie.. I think it's the one she showed us at the restaurant..

Peace out folks..

Monday, December 15, 2008

Hannah and her txting exploits..

Ok I lied.. I'm not too busy to blog until after Christmas.. or maybe I just find this topic way more important than the delivery of your boxes... not really just kidding. But..the phone bill came in today and I just though it would be really cool to let you see a glimps of a small part of my family life..that part involved in phone bills and texting..

I find texting to be a very strange phenomena in that people use telephones to NOT talk to others..just send them little messages like you might get from a western union office dozens of years ago..except faster and cheaper.. I actually like txting. I think it works for many in that you can manage the conversation among other things you are doing vs when you're talking you tend to have to get singularly focused. It has been funny when friends of mine have sent me replies to txts that they got from someone else... maby too many balls in ther air there??? daughter Hannah loves to txt... so I started a new feature over there to the right side of my blog...check it out..give me some feedback and I'll keep you posted each month on how she's doing. My daughter does make me cry sometimes...she also makes me mad... and she makes me laugh.. this is the funny part.. we have hundreds of roll over minutes every month we don't use but she will txt every waking minute she can if she's able. Why not just call em???

Tuesday, December 9, 2008


Hey folks... it's that time of year that many of you like to call Christmas... for people like Kathy Dunn or others that are very intimately tied to the church calendar... it's advent. Many have other holidays around this time of year from Hanukkah to Kwanzaa.. People in my business call it PEAK.

This is not a post on theology... This is not a post on faith...

This is post regarding the fact that I get very frustrated this time of year as my full time job gets very very busy in the business of delivering lots and lots of boxes.

We have to hire extra people.. they all don't do such a great job all the time..this requires lots of conference calls..and discussions about action plans to do better and people telling me when I must be on calls on weekends.. ugh..

Most of you are planning parties or enveloping yourselves in the atmosphere of anticipation and waiting for our coming King or celebrations of family and friends.. I have to force some of this in to what is the busiest time of year for me in my industry..the transportation industry.. along with what is a pretty busy time of year in the religious business.. you know.. special musical events, Christmas eve services, Christmas parties that fall on days when you really think you should be practicing music for the coming Sunday, Christmas parties falling on days when you wish you could just go home and go in to a coma, Christmas parties that are taking place while you know that many of your employees are working 14-15+ hour days to make sure you get that present you ordered.

I want to have a festive spirit but in the back of my mind I'm always wondering if there is service failures happening and am I going to be on some conference call tomorrow to explain why we didn't do as well as we should..

I look forward to the day when package pressure will mean..well... nothing..I can't think of anything funny to put there. I'll be glad when I don't have to worry about another peak and my full time job will be planning special Christmas music and going to Christmas parties and being part of Christmas eve services..

I say all that to say this.. I doubt you will see another post until after December 25th 2008..I hope to have a Christmas post.. but if you want to see what's up in my life just watch my updates on facebook or twitter (which is what drives my facebook updates anyway). Grace and peace to you all...