Friday, December 19, 2008

Eating at Cheddars tonight..

I saw one of my favorite young ladies with the last name of Anderson that's not my daughter but I'd take her any time and do anything for her any time... and that's what I'm doing here. Donna and I ate at Cheddar's tonight and Katie did not wait on our table but she brought us our food then we conversed and had fun while she worked.. she also pointed out a young man of interest named Josh.. She told me to yell at him and I did...she was then terrified that I yelled at him..just what did she think I would do??

I later called his name at other times and Katie seemed undone by this and yet she felt compelled to tell us about her wonderful date with him where he... was nice.. I won't go in to details because Katie might get mad.. Katie then made a comment about making sure that I blogged about this experience here it is. I've known Katie for a few years now and she is such a super awesome girl.. well young lady.. you should get to know her more here.

Here is a pic of Josh and Katie.. I think it's the one she showed us at the restaurant..

Peace out folks..

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Anonymous said...

oh artie! That made me laugh! Looove you! And donna!