Tuesday, December 9, 2008


Hey folks... it's that time of year that many of you like to call Christmas... for people like Kathy Dunn or others that are very intimately tied to the church calendar... it's advent. Many have other holidays around this time of year from Hanukkah to Kwanzaa.. People in my business call it PEAK.

This is not a post on theology... This is not a post on faith...

This is post regarding the fact that I get very frustrated this time of year as my full time job gets very very busy in the business of delivering lots and lots of boxes.

We have to hire extra people.. they all don't do such a great job all the time..this requires lots of conference calls..and discussions about action plans to do better and people telling me when I must be on calls on weekends.. ugh..

Most of you are planning parties or enveloping yourselves in the atmosphere of anticipation and waiting for our coming King or celebrations of family and friends.. I have to force some of this in to what is the busiest time of year for me in my industry..the transportation industry.. along with what is a pretty busy time of year in the religious business.. you know.. special musical events, Christmas eve services, Christmas parties that fall on days when you really think you should be practicing music for the coming Sunday, Christmas parties falling on days when you wish you could just go home and go in to a coma, Christmas parties that are taking place while you know that many of your employees are working 14-15+ hour days to make sure you get that present you ordered.

I want to have a festive spirit but in the back of my mind I'm always wondering if there is service failures happening and am I going to be on some conference call tomorrow to explain why we didn't do as well as we should..

I look forward to the day when package pressure will mean..well... nothing..I can't think of anything funny to put there. I'll be glad when I don't have to worry about another peak and my full time job will be planning special Christmas music and going to Christmas parties and being part of Christmas eve services..

I say all that to say this.. I doubt you will see another post until after December 25th 2008..I hope to have a Christmas post.. but if you want to see what's up in my life just watch my updates on facebook or twitter (which is what drives my facebook updates anyway). Grace and peace to you all...


Hannah said...

All I can say is this:

All this stress you put out, the frustration you have, the conference calls, not as good as it could be temporary work, and wanting to crash when you know you cant, all of it adds up to something.

It adds up to people getting gifts from loved ones too far away to see on christmas, getting that christmas love in tangible form the only way they can.

And it adds up to you getting that relief at the end of it all, knowing you spread that joy. I can see it in you. It shows on Christmas, when you have somewhat of a break from it all. You're happy, like you took part of that Christmas spirit that was in all those boxes you had to worry and freak out over.
It's good that you worry, that you do conference calls. It shows you care. You take all the crap, when you know you could find something better, because you like giving to people those treasures from people they care about, and spreading that little bit of christmas.

You're Santa, but in reality. You don't just deliver an item in a box, you give people love, even if it isn't your own.

You go get 'em, tiger. Work, work, work, and the rest, relax, and love.

:) H

txpastorkb said...

Hannah--you are a wonderful, beautiful, spirit, and God has blessed you with wisdom and the courage to share what you see. Thank you for being the supportive and loving person that you are...
Artie--you and Donna are not lucky, but blessed with wonderful children who have grow into adults with purpose and grace. Both Hannah and Austin are blessings to those around them. I know that it is more than luck...it is much hard work, and many blessings from God.
And thanks for the shout out of Advent!
Know that during this crazy time at your fortune 100 company and herer at FCC you are in my thoughts and prayers. You are a blessing to Dwyane and I.

T said...

you must be doing something right....