Saturday, August 30, 2008

My Friday...

Started off very early at La Unica.. picking up 80 burritos to bring it to work.. It was time to have a package handlers appreciation breakfast but most of my package handlers don't have schedules that allow me to take them to breakfast after the morning sort.. or to lunch. So I brought them breakfast burritos..

It was also National Truck Driver Appreciation Week. So for all the hard work that my drivers do I wanted to recognize them and I brought them breakfast in as well.

I got my morning reports done. Had a couple of conference of which focused on the Tropical storm activity headed our way. Fun fun fun...

Had lunch with my son at Chen's..bought some stuff for the church at Sound Tech, cashed my check and went back to the place that pays my bills.

Got some work done and did some auto insurance shopping as well.

Wrapped up the day and did a couple of quick look arounds at Lowe's and Home Depot for some potential weekend project work then headed home to spend the evening with my son Austin celebrating..

Where we watched

12 wasn't on the list but we watched it anyway because it was in sequence..

I also made some facebook flair for Emily Grimes that looks like this..

I really didn't finish 12.. I was tired and went to bed after checking to make sure the panthers had won...

It was a good day..spent some real quality time with my son, we laughed and enjoyed the movies.. we made food and ate together..we laughed at Italian when we saw and remembered that spiderman was on the sidewalk when the they blew the street and dropped the armored car in to the subway tunnel..

It was a very good Friday.

God is good.

Friday, August 29, 2008

Getting the screws put to us by gas companies..

This was gas in Riverside Texas yesterday.. (8/28/08)

Why is it 3.68 in Lufkin today?

Why will it be whatever it will be tomorrow?

I heard on the news yesterday that the price of oil had actually gone down $2/barrell because of US reserves being released on the market and demand was down...

Not in Lufkin I guess...

Why is it always higher in Lufkin???

I guess Riverside is a major oil manufacturing and distribution hub..

I'm not happy...

Thursday, August 28, 2008

A comment about Wii Pray.

Cory posted this on his blog..take a look at it...

My comment was regarding what follow up gaming could come...

Next is Wii work your way up from a background singer to the worship leader of the church..

Next is Wii Worship Leader..tour edition. Offers multi-player options such as drummer, lead guitarist and evangelist.

After that..Wii Worship…Megachurch edition: allows you to bring in tech personnel, support staff, and has a syms component along with Worship Leader tour version components.

Any other ideas?


Funny thing about this is.. I typed this up a couple of weeks ago and saved it as a draft.. then yesterday Todd sends this out on Twitter...

Sometimes I amaze myself..

Now..please tell me what you think about this..not my expertise in prophesy.. this game called Guitar Praise..

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Beer Tasting...

When I was in college.. well by my senior year.. I had begun to explore the world of imported beer. My friend Warren and I would venture over to the Deluxe Burger Bar across from my dorm at A&M and try a different beer each week. We would treat it like it was a fine wine, slurping it back to the back of our pallet, swishing it around in our mouth to get the full flavor and also testing if it was a "bottle" beer or a "glass" beer.

Some beers are made.. in fact all are probably are made this way.. to release certain chemicals when it is poured in to the glass and it changes the flavor of the beer. Hopefully to make it taste better. I prefer some beers poured in to a glass .. others I find to be more tasty straight from the bottle. We usually just stuck to one type of beer each time. Wasn't one to mix my beers.

Well last Friday night.. we performed beer tasting a la Cory Glover.. I'd link his blog but it hasn't changed since the last time you looked at it so don't worry about that...

We would each select a beer..then pour a little of our beer in to a friends glass and taste it.. then share with another and perform the same type of tasting again... finally we would finish our selection. It was a fun time. Jeff had cooked some kind of awesome grilled chicken breasts and Polly had supplied some great potatoes and this sinful dessert.

We laughed and ate and talked and watched Olympics and talked and had a great night... take a look at the selection..
Nice huh?

Friday, August 22, 2008

My Friday...

Today I unplugged.... I have been feeling a little apart from my creator as of late and I needed to get back in rhythm with God.

Cory Glover and I started out kinda early.. well real early for him but not so early for me... I met him at his house at 8 this morning and we loaded up a couple of kayaks, some food and shared some awesome coffee that he made in his French press and headed out to Ratcliff. My blackberry was sitting on my dresser at home.. Now that doesn't happen very often.

I spent most of my morning in prayer. A lot of "The Jesus Prayer".. Lord Jesus Christ, Son of God, Have mercy on me, a sinner. I used some Mardi Gras beads we got when we went on a mission trip to New Orleans last summer to aid in this prayer.

Also prayed over my Emmaus team and the pilgrims. I then had some free and open discussion with my creator.

Read some new testament..Matthew and Mark. Ate some lunch then read some more.

Picked up my guitar and sang some praises to my God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit. Then we took a little trip around the lake in the kayaks.

First time in a kayak for me. Wasn't sure how my svelte build was going to handle that little piece of plastic with the hole in it. Except for some understandable awkwardness in handling at first, it was really cool. We did that for a while and then back to the truck and headed home.

Got cleaned up and rested a little then went to Jeff Goodier's house for a little beer tasting. Cory had brought back some local beers from Colorado when he went on vacation and some that were from the Pac NW. We enjoyed some good food, good beer and good conversation as we sampled the different offerings Mr. Glover brought.

Now I'm back home and ready to hit the sack.. a beautiful day with God today. God is good!

Thursday, August 21, 2008

A comment on Perfectly Timing your Communion Walk

I posted this comment here.. read's funny...his blog that is..

The silver spaceship comment had me rolling... Loved this one. We don't have to time our walk in our church though. But we do offer about all the ways you can do it without a common cup.

Early (casual..our code name for contemporary) everyone comes up by rows. They can 1. receive communion by intiction.. pull off a hunk of bread.. dip it in the juice and eat the elements at that time.


at the same time option 2 is can come forward eat a piece of bread and pick up a shot glass out of the silver space ship and drink.


at the same time option 3 is available.. you can come forward, eat a bread chiclet and pick up a shot glass out of the silver space ship and drink.


at 11:00 traditional service you can sit a la drive through and wait on the silver space ship to arrive in your lap along with it's smaller satelite sister ship carrying the bread/chiclets.
Option 1 here is eat a bread chiclet and take a shot glass out of the silver space ship...hold the glass..


break off a piece of bread and take out a shot glass from the silver space ship..hold the glass.

We then say aloud our affirmation of faith and we partake of the cup (the little shot glasses) at one time.

I heard this part (the unison cup) is somewhat new from some older parishioners just last night as little shot glass holders had to be made and affixed to the back of the pews so everyone would have a place to put them once they have received the cup.

I think this is a wise choice as I think I might get confused at times with all those little cups in that big space ship and accidentally pick one up that maybe someone else just didn't do a good job of finishing off properly.

I think we do a very nice job of offering a wide variety of options for communion in our church..we're not little but we're not huge. Actually pretty amazing now that I think about many options we offer.

Monday, August 18, 2008

My Friday...

...had to be deleted because I do not have permission to utilize the brand, emblem, name or image of the company I work with in postings to the internet.

Sorry about that.

Pretty amazing though. I post the video on Friday night on Youtube and on Monday morning I'm getting a call from my boss as to why I'm posting stuff about our company on Youtube. Wow.


Friday, August 15, 2008

Commets for posts..

You know.. from time to time I believe my best thinking is done on OPB's.. that's other people's blogs.

I have no idea how many of you are out there in my segment of the blogosphere and I know many of you circle around the same set of blogs I do so this might become redundant for some of you at times but I am going to re-post some of my comments from other blogs on to my blog here at acts215.

Two reasons. 1. I know some people just hit my blog because they are my friends or co-workers and they don't normally read that many blogs.

2. If I have some really good thoughts.. or funny thoughts.. or just long thoughts that deserve the attention and adornments that only a blog post can bring like pictures....

then I'm going to turn my comments in to blog posts.. I will link back to the original blog but I will re post it here.. and you will know that it is a comment by the my "a comment about Neapolitan ice cream" says it's a comment.. the next one you will likely see is .. a comment about "Wii Pray". I will link it back to Glover's blog and then I will share my profound comment along with some artwork/pics/adornments.

Have a great day!

This salutation is in no way intended to be an infringement or a re-representation of Chris' blog by a similar name "It is a great day". Although I do enjoy his blog the few times he posts I do not wish to confuse or confound the blog reading public by utilizing the "great day" phraseology. It is only being used here as an endearing phrase of departure and for no other reason.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

David Crowder Band.. I just love em....

They take everyones Youtube videos and make one of their own. Cool!!

Called.. "You shot this video".


Tuesday, August 12, 2008

A comment about Neapolitan Ice Cream..

The following was actually my comment regarding Todd's blog post about Neapolitan Ice Cream...his post was in response to my request on his skribit widget.. After posting it I realized I should have blogged this topic myself.. so here it is.

OK, when I was a kid..we didn't buy real ice cream. We didn't make enough money to buy that stuff. We bought mellorine. From wikipedia... Mellorine is a lower cost alternative to ice cream, wherein other fats are used instead of butterfat. It can be made out of both animal fat and vegetable fat.

Mellorine is produced by freezing, while stirring a pasteurized mix of milk-derived nonfat solids and animal or vegetable fat (or both). Afterwards, it is sweetened with a carbohydrate sweetener and the addition of flavouring ingredients.

MMMmmmmm..... anyway.

Every once in a while we would get Neapolitan mellorine..that's a mouth full.. and I have to say, that because I didn't know any better, I enjoyed this frozen delight. (Mellorine that is) In a way I do not get real excited about Neapolitan because when I was young I didn't like anything but chocolate but it always seemed to me that the chocolate in the neapolitan was very intense. It seemed super chocolaty and super was almost like special dark candy kind of with that I was excited when I saw it in the was way better than the chocolate in the chocolate mellorine container.

Negative regarding this?.. Dad insisted that we eat all three flavors.. can't eat all the choc and leave the other two flavors. Must dip across the colors and keep it even.

So.. I would eat the strawberry first.. my least favorite.. then the vanilla.. then the awesome chocolaty feast of neapolitan mellorine chocolate.

Yeah baby!!

As for strawberry now?? I love Blue Bell strawberry for the same reason Todd does NOT like strawberry. I mean it's like they dump a tub of strawberries in there and mix em up. Love it.

I feel the same way Todd does about Blue Bell's "Great Divide" as I do enjoy a mix of vanilla and choc but then my wife does not have the same philosophy as to why the product was made. She feels it was created for options. I can have chocolate or I can have vanilla... NOOO it's for the purposeful combination of the two flavors ... and should be dipped across the flavors (a la my dad) and not dug out of one side...taking all the chocolate leaving some poor unexpecting fool with a pile of vanilla on one side of the bucket. You have to love family dynamics..

I think we have bought 3 containers of Neapolitan ice cream in the near 25 years we have been married. Not something we think about much but for some reason this thing popped in my head when the Skribit was up..kinda like the stay puft marshmallow man in Ghostbusters..

So.. are you?

Monday, August 11, 2008

I like funny stuff..

Stuff Christians Like has some pretty funny stuff on it. The one today was pretty good. Take a look at it.

But then as I was reading it I got the emoticon about being a bald worship leader...Hey! What's up with that?

So I checked it out too.

I guess I need a & that's well... & since I'm kinda large. Sad thing about it the real reason I'm a bald worship leader is I don't like the wrap around hairdo from mail pattern baldness

and I don't to combovers... ever.

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Wanna' make a memory???

Check out Todd's Blog and let me know what you think..I'm really wanting to go but my 48 years and early work hours are screaming NO!!!

Feedback please.

Todd forgive me for the total rip off of your blog.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Friendship Wheel

I was looking around on Facebook this morning and I went to David Runnels space because I had sent him flair with a Chuck Taylor shoe on it and I wanted to see if he had it up...after all he is the "converse christian"

No flair.. none at all. And since he has none, my feelings are not hurt. Even though he has the iphone application he still chooses not to have flair. That's ok. I'm good with that. I don't get most of the stuff that goes on in the facebook community anyway...

But then I ran across this thing you see above. A frienship wheel. It's really pretty and is a neat idea.. It's also a little intimidating. You know..I'm 48..born 10 years before Mr. Runnels and so most of my friends from college and high school are not on this stuff... so for me to think about putting something like this up makes me a little anxious.. I don't have near as many friends on facebook. I begin to think about putting one of these things up and I wonder just how small would my wheel be?? I begin having wheel envy even before I contemplate how to put this thing on my facebook.

Then I start looking very closely to the wheel. I can't find my name. What is the deal here? I know I'm one of his facebook friends but I'm not on his friendship wheel? Did I do something wrong? I look around the wheel again and I still cannot find my name. I see so many people I know and love.. and then.. wait a minute.. Chris Huffty?? I know Chris through our CC(DOC) camps and he took my daughter to the prom this year.. he's kinda by himself over on the right..he's also my friend on facebook... maybe if I follow some lines from his name I'll find mine.

No go. What's the deal? What kind of mind boggling, ego destroying tool is this friendship wheel. I don't know how it works and so I don't want to jump to conclusions but I know I'm feeling a little shaky today...

..and what's the deal with the colors??? what do those mean? Why is my DOC friend over on the right by himself and colored red?? Is there some implications as to if you're on the left vs the right side of the wheel? Do you move around the wheel if you get attached to a bunch of people pulling you around like some pull toy or if you make a bunch of friends across the wheel will you just have longer strings than everyone else?

I am bewildered.. I'm amazed.. I'm some other really big cool word that David would say.

Help me out here..

Friday, August 1, 2008

My Friday

Hi gang.. continuing on with the "My Friday" movement started by BTW.. My alarm went off at 5:30 this morning... I hit snooze until about 6:10 and finally drug myself out of bed.. took care of some unmentionables and headed for work. Had a 7:00 a.m. meeting with our business partners at FedEx Ground and then did some reports, visited with my people and the worked on a reward and recognition program spreadsheet that needed to be updated because of new company procedures, guidelines and measurement tools. I had been putting it off for weeks but it only took about an hour. Just not "fun" stuff. Had to be on a 10:00 a.m. conference call then worked some more on the spreadsheet and information I wanted to cover for my noon staff meeting. staff meetings...most employees hate going to staff meetings and dread being there. I don't think it's that way where I work..I'm the boss but I not a real hard liner...unless I have to be but I love having fun where I work. Heck, I spend too much time there not too. And I have a great set of people to work with that usually end up making me laugh to the point of a headache at every staff meeting..some are easily distracted, some are conversation hijackers, all are good hard working folks for the most part and are great to be around.

Finished with the staff meeting at 1:3o and then did some filing and read some blogs and handled some calls and then departed work a little early because I was helping with Celebrate Recover tonight.

I first wanted to go by the house because we are having a Garage Sale of Mammoth proportions. This is a little fund raiser to help get money for Hannah to pay for her trip to Rome next spring break.. I wanted to help get some larger items outside and others could get the smaller stuff down while I was away.

Got the big stuff outside and then went to Celebrate Recovery. Jim Riggs who usually leads the service is out of town doing some grandfather stuff and I was just stepping in to help tonight. I used to lead music at this ministry on a weekly basis.. with work 60 hours a week at FedEx
Ground, leading worship Sunday morning (that's 0700 at the church on Sunday usually) Leading worship for the youth Sunday nights I was getting frazzled.. Lamoine Williams has stepped on to the scene to help with the worship and tonight was the first time I've been there since he began leading the music. The Holy Spirit was certainly present tonight. It was an awesome eventing of worship and our small groups were very open and encouraging. It was a great night...then we had cheese cake and coffee..then it was clean up time and off to the house to haul out all the rest of the stuff for the "Send Hannah to Rome" garage sale.. family has come over from Conroe to help with the pricing, laying out, hauling out and of course the sale tomorrow. We have had so many friends that have donated items for the garage sale. How wonderful and kind they have been. Frankly I hate garage sales. I don't mind the sale itself's the getting all the crap out and organized. Donna handles the organize and pricing because I would blow my brains out.. I just do the heavy lifting. Here are some pics of the layout in the driveway tonight. I'll be putting black plastic around it all later which seems to work as some sort of anti crime device because no one has ever come and stolen our stuff before when we do this. Much cheaper than security systems or guards for that matter.

.. maybe I'll see you there tomorrow.