Friday, August 15, 2008

Commets for posts..

You know.. from time to time I believe my best thinking is done on OPB's.. that's other people's blogs.

I have no idea how many of you are out there in my segment of the blogosphere and I know many of you circle around the same set of blogs I do so this might become redundant for some of you at times but I am going to re-post some of my comments from other blogs on to my blog here at acts215.

Two reasons. 1. I know some people just hit my blog because they are my friends or co-workers and they don't normally read that many blogs.

2. If I have some really good thoughts.. or funny thoughts.. or just long thoughts that deserve the attention and adornments that only a blog post can bring like pictures....

then I'm going to turn my comments in to blog posts.. I will link back to the original blog but I will re post it here.. and you will know that it is a comment by the my "a comment about Neapolitan ice cream" says it's a comment.. the next one you will likely see is .. a comment about "Wii Pray". I will link it back to Glover's blog and then I will share my profound comment along with some artwork/pics/adornments.

Have a great day!

This salutation is in no way intended to be an infringement or a re-representation of Chris' blog by a similar name "It is a great day". Although I do enjoy his blog the few times he posts I do not wish to confuse or confound the blog reading public by utilizing the "great day" phraseology. It is only being used here as an endearing phrase of departure and for no other reason.

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