Friday, August 1, 2008

My Friday

Hi gang.. continuing on with the "My Friday" movement started by BTW.. My alarm went off at 5:30 this morning... I hit snooze until about 6:10 and finally drug myself out of bed.. took care of some unmentionables and headed for work. Had a 7:00 a.m. meeting with our business partners at FedEx Ground and then did some reports, visited with my people and the worked on a reward and recognition program spreadsheet that needed to be updated because of new company procedures, guidelines and measurement tools. I had been putting it off for weeks but it only took about an hour. Just not "fun" stuff. Had to be on a 10:00 a.m. conference call then worked some more on the spreadsheet and information I wanted to cover for my noon staff meeting. staff meetings...most employees hate going to staff meetings and dread being there. I don't think it's that way where I work..I'm the boss but I not a real hard liner...unless I have to be but I love having fun where I work. Heck, I spend too much time there not too. And I have a great set of people to work with that usually end up making me laugh to the point of a headache at every staff meeting..some are easily distracted, some are conversation hijackers, all are good hard working folks for the most part and are great to be around.

Finished with the staff meeting at 1:3o and then did some filing and read some blogs and handled some calls and then departed work a little early because I was helping with Celebrate Recover tonight.

I first wanted to go by the house because we are having a Garage Sale of Mammoth proportions. This is a little fund raiser to help get money for Hannah to pay for her trip to Rome next spring break.. I wanted to help get some larger items outside and others could get the smaller stuff down while I was away.

Got the big stuff outside and then went to Celebrate Recovery. Jim Riggs who usually leads the service is out of town doing some grandfather stuff and I was just stepping in to help tonight. I used to lead music at this ministry on a weekly basis.. with work 60 hours a week at FedEx
Ground, leading worship Sunday morning (that's 0700 at the church on Sunday usually) Leading worship for the youth Sunday nights I was getting frazzled.. Lamoine Williams has stepped on to the scene to help with the worship and tonight was the first time I've been there since he began leading the music. The Holy Spirit was certainly present tonight. It was an awesome eventing of worship and our small groups were very open and encouraging. It was a great night...then we had cheese cake and coffee..then it was clean up time and off to the house to haul out all the rest of the stuff for the "Send Hannah to Rome" garage sale.. family has come over from Conroe to help with the pricing, laying out, hauling out and of course the sale tomorrow. We have had so many friends that have donated items for the garage sale. How wonderful and kind they have been. Frankly I hate garage sales. I don't mind the sale itself's the getting all the crap out and organized. Donna handles the organize and pricing because I would blow my brains out.. I just do the heavy lifting. Here are some pics of the layout in the driveway tonight. I'll be putting black plastic around it all later which seems to work as some sort of anti crime device because no one has ever come and stolen our stuff before when we do this. Much cheaper than security systems or guards for that matter.

.. maybe I'll see you there tomorrow.


oldfart said...

Ah garage sales. What fun!! Kind of like an angry hemorrhoid. Such a joy! lol

Angela said...

I bet you would be a cool boss! Let us know how the garage sale turns out...goodluck!

Hannah said...

yay rome!
(not)yay garage sales!


david said...

since you mentioned FedEX:

is this typical of overnight shipments?

Picked up Fort Worth, TX 9am 7/30
Left origin facility FW 3:41pm 7/30
Arrived Memphis, TN 11:25pm 7/30
Departed Memphis 3:43am 7/31
Sorted Shreveport, LA 6:28am 7/31
Arrived Nacogdoches, TX 8:26am 7/31
On vechile Nacogdoches 8:37am 7/31
Delivered Lufkin, TX 2:32pm 7/31

That's still two hours before the promised time. Reminds me of a Family Circus cartoon.

Artie said...

Angela..I do try to spoil my people..they don't want to be promoted and move.

Hannah made $502. Austin made $58.

David...That's the way FedEx Express works.. it's a process that founder Fred Smith came up with while in school at Yale.. he wrote a paper on his "overnight business" idea and got a C on it.

When they first started everything went to the Memphis Hub no matter where it was picked up or going...even if it was going from the 3rd floor to the 1st floor of the same building. They do have regional hubs now too as big as they are.

I'm FedEx Ground. I could have gotten your package to you overnight too. It would have gone from Ft Worth to Dallas to me..on trucks... and cheaper..but we don't have "delivery times" though. That may have been why it was on express..time specific delivery..I'm through with my transportation lesson for the day.

Peace out...