Thursday, August 28, 2008

A comment about Wii Pray.

Cory posted this on his blog..take a look at it...

My comment was regarding what follow up gaming could come...

Next is Wii work your way up from a background singer to the worship leader of the church..

Next is Wii Worship Leader..tour edition. Offers multi-player options such as drummer, lead guitarist and evangelist.

After that..Wii Worship…Megachurch edition: allows you to bring in tech personnel, support staff, and has a syms component along with Worship Leader tour version components.

Any other ideas?


Funny thing about this is.. I typed this up a couple of weeks ago and saved it as a draft.. then yesterday Todd sends this out on Twitter...

Sometimes I amaze myself..

Now..please tell me what you think about this..not my expertise in prophesy.. this game called Guitar Praise..

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