Monday, August 18, 2008

My Friday...

...had to be deleted because I do not have permission to utilize the brand, emblem, name or image of the company I work with in postings to the internet.

Sorry about that.

Pretty amazing though. I post the video on Friday night on Youtube and on Monday morning I'm getting a call from my boss as to why I'm posting stuff about our company on Youtube. Wow.



oldfart said...

So you are saying that if I posted a picture of a certain company whose name begins with a D and complain about how slow they were with deliveries, I could get into trouble?

Artie said...

If you're not an employee there I don't think they can do anything. There are plenty of negative youtube vids that talk about my certain company and how they "suck" but they are by the general public. I, on the other hand, depend on my financial well being from this company and I of course will do what they ask.