Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Key West...Key Lime....

Key West was an awesome place.. we really fell in love with it. We would love to go back again and again. Riding around town on scooters. Eating great food. Beautiful beaches. Beautiful water. Great people. Just a different pace of life.

One of the things we did discover was what you can do with Key Limes..

We started seeing many many things Key Lime somewhere around day 2. We started making a list.. Then a friendly shop owner said if we really wanted to flesh out our list we needed to go to Kermit's

Let me tell you..some of this stuff is awesome.. the barbecue sauce and the cilantro chip sauce is fabulous. Key Lime Margaritas...not so much. A tad too tart. The wine on the other hand even had us non wine drinkers singing its praises.

Well enough with the details... here is the list of everything we found Key Lime on Key West.
In no particular order... Key Lime:

Ice Crush
Coconut patties
Bark (as in candy coating)
Pie on a stick
Ice cream
Pie cookies
Margarita Mix
Shortbread cookies
Strawberry iced tea
Tea cookies
Candy canes
White chocolate cookies
Mango poppy dressing
Barbecue sauce
Hot sauce
Mango chutney
Datil pepper
Strawberry jalapeno jelly
Bath jell
Fruit Squares
Cocktail dipping sauce
Guacamole dip
Florida bay spice
Citrus salsa
Jelly Beans

I don't proclaim that this list is all inclusive.. if you have had some other Key Lime "something" let me know and post it here...

Oh yes.. as like the pic says..

Key Lime Time

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Miami for a day… + some

We did a quick run in to Coconut Grove Saturday night… pretty cool place. Walked around a bit but was an interesting evening… Burn Notice has a warehouse there where they do all their stage shooting. They also do most of their “on location” shooting in the Coconut Grove area.

Then Sunday we went to Miami Beach.. we walked and walked and walked.. Some fun observations, experiences and encounters during the day.

The beach is amazing!!!

Met a really great lady that was the bartender at the poolside bar and The Clevelander hotel. She has two beautiful daughters and she’s afraid of going in to the remote areas of Florida where there are not many lights. She has the same feelings that many people from my part of Texas have when they go in to a big city. I had 2 margaritas there… it was actually before noon….

Then had a cigar a little later while walking down Ocean dr.

Later as Hannah and I are standing outside the Ghirardelli's. chocolate store contemplating a hot fudge Sunday.. Donna walks up and says “what sin have you found now?” My favorite quote of the day from family.

Later on at the beach near the Key Biscayne lighthouse, a local asks Donna “Do you speak English or do you speak Spanish?” Just never thought Donna looked like a Spanish speaking person.

Coolest observation of the day: Donna says “You know, I’ve noticed something about the groups around here”. I said “There are no lines… not like the ones we normally think of .. color..”

We were also the minority as English speaking people in Miami beach.

We have also designated Miami as “Smokers Paradise”. Dang there are so many people that smoke there. I guess it’s all the Europeans. I’m not hating… since I had my cigar there..but still. Lots of cigarette smokers. Lots of scooters too.

About 10 percent of the people I saw in Miami look like models.

The lady at Key Biscayne was very nice too. She was very sociable .. asked Donna to take pics of her and her son. We had her take pics of us too.

Most everyone we ran across was very friendly and nice. Now Donna had us marching all over Miami beach..the a little driving to Key Biscayne..then walked all over Miami beach again to get pics of the art deco hotels with their neon on at night…put blisters on my left foot. Wore us out. Felt like boot camp. It was about 15 kilometers.. Donna and Hannah named our day the Donna Anderson’s Miami Beach, 15K pro am fun run race for the cure (a la The Office). Still recovering..

We’ll have more observations from Key West..mainly how may different ways you can eat Key Lime “whatever”..


Forgot that the lady at Key Biscayne also asked Donna if we were from Northern Florida..because we sounded like her in-laws.


A guy in an al fresco restaurant ..the cafe at Books and Books..had a dog that was slobbering all over Austin.... He was too timid to say anything to them so Donna asked if they could pull their dog back..in a very nice way. One of the guys asked us where in the south were we from..he then pointed at his SMU business school cap (with his Princeton t-shirt on too). We tried to bond a little by pointing out that our daughter was going to TCU but he would have none of it...

Friday, July 2, 2010

My New Playlist

I grew up in the 70's. I'm an album guy. I didn't buy 45's (one song on each side of a small vinyl disc). I bought LP's (Long Playing records.. large vinyl discs that generally held 5 or 6 songs on each side...).
I used to buy some greatest hits LP's of artists I really didn't plan to get "that" in to but if I like an artist I like to listen to an album in context.. I see it as greater vision of the artist in how they present their music.
Because of that I usually make playlists in itunes that are simply albums. Complete CD's of music by an artist. I make some other playlists but they are usually regarding something I'm working on...new songs for worship for church... sets for an upcoming camp gig..something like that.

A few days ago I made my first itunes playlist..for my own personal enjoyment. I know..most of you are like... What? It's true. but it's a big one..it pretty much fills up my little..old...ipod nano. But it's for listening to while I ride my bike. I find the selection soothing as I work to push through challenges out on the road. I thought I might share it with you and see what you thought. So far I really like it. I guess that's a good thing...but I think it's accomplishing what I want it to when I go out on rides... it's reducing my frustration as I work to do frustrating things that challenge me to work harder...

Anyway..take a look if you want. tell me what you think if you want.

Anywhere You Go 3:53 Ross King Perhaps I've Said Too Much

The State 4:30 Derek Webb Stockholm Syndrome

First Look 4:02 Jimmy Buffett Floridays

I Need Thee Every Hour 3:47 Jars Of Clay Redemption Songs

Our God 5:28 Chris Tomlin Passion: Awakening

Asleep In The Desert 3:31 ZZ Top Six Pack

Rhumba Man 4:10 Jimmy Buffett Buffet Hotel

O God Where Are You Now (In Pickerel Lake? Pigeon? Marquette? Mackinaw?) 5:02 David Crowder Band A Collision or (3+4=7)

Breathe In, Breathe Out, Move On 3:17 Jimmy Buffett Take The Weather With You

My Enemies Are Men Like Me 5:20 Derek Webb Mockingbird

Sing Like Mary Sang 7:18 Ryan Delmore The Spirit, The Water, And The Blood

Love In The Library 4:40 Jimmy Buffett Fruitcakes

Please Be My Strength 3:33 Gungor Beautiful Things

Saturday In The Park 3:56 Chicago Greatest Hits Vol 1

Track 07 3:13 James Evan Songs You Can't Dance To

Rain Down 5:46 David Crowder Band All I Can Say

My Hope 4:16 David Crowder Band Can You Hear Us?

Stay 5:26 Robbie Seay Band Give Yourself Away

Woman In Texas 4:41 Jerry Jeff Walker Live At Gruene Hall

Wait For Your Rain/Grace Like Rain 15:07 Todd Agnew Grace Like Rain

Tryin' To Reason With Hurricane Season 4:22 Jimmy Buffett Boats, Beaches, Bars & Ballads

Can't Help Myself 6:15 Sandra McCracken In Feast Or Fallow

Open Skies 3:59 David Crowder Band Illuminate

All Creatures 5:16 David Crowder Band Illuminate

More Than That 3:26 Monk & Neagle The Twenty-First Time [Promo]

I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For 4:38 U2 The Joshua Tree

Does Anybody Really Know What Time It Is 3:22 Chicago Greatest Hits

You Have Me 4:36 Gungor Beautiful Things

Feelin' Stronger Every Day 4:17 Chicago

Rich Young Ruler 3:57 Derek Webb Mockingbird

Samson 3:55 Regina Spector

The Spirit vs. The Kick Drum 3:08 Derek Webb Stockholm Syndrome

Lovely Cruise 3:54 Jimmy Buffett Boats, Beaches, Bars & Ballads

passenger seat 3:44 Death cab for cutie

Mockingbird 4:15 Derek Webb Mockingbird

No Not One 3:58 Brandon Heath What If We

Navajo Rug 3:02 Jerry Jeff Walker Navajo Rug

Teach Me All Your Ways 5:43 Ryan Delmore The Spirit, The Water, And The Blood

Incommunicado 3:41 Jimmy Buffett Boats, Beaches, Bars & Ballads

Shine Your Light On Us 6:23 Robbie Seay Band Give Yourself Away

Viva La Vida 4:01 Coldplay Viva La Vida Or Death And All His Friends

Nasty Dogs And Funky Kings 2:50 ZZ Top Six Pack

A Pirate Looks At Forty 3:53 Jimmy Buffett Boats, Beaches, Bars & Ballads

Shadows [Acoustic] 3:20 David Crowder Band The Acoustic Songs

California Promises 3:40 Jimmy Buffett Boats, Beaches, Bars & Ballads

Call On Me 4:03 Chicago Greatest Hits Vol 1

Wishing You Were Here 4:37 Chicago Greatest Hits Vol 1

You Do All Things Well 4:44 Chris Tomlin Arriving [Enhanced]

Tin Cup Chalice 3:38 Jimmy Buffett Boats, Beaches, Bars & Ballads

Ocean 3:59 Ten Shekel Shirt Much

When The Coast Is Clear 2:58 Jimmy Buffett Boats, Beaches, Bars & Ballads

Mexico 4:07 Jimmy Buffett Barometer Soup

Pre-You 5:17 Jimmy Buffett Boats, Beaches, Bars & Ballads

He Went To Paris 3:30 Jimmy Buffett Boats, Beaches, Bars & Ballads

Where The Streets Have No Name 5:37 U2 The Joshua Tree (Remastered)

Glorify 4:28 Todd Wright All The Freed

Beautiful Things 5:10 Gungor Beautiful Things

With Every Breath 5:03 Leigh Nash & Dan Haseltine City On A Hill

True Religion 5:47 Ryan Delmore The Spirit, The Water, And The Blood

No Plane On Sunday 4:18 Jimmy Buffett Floridays

You Were So Close To Me 3:29 American Blues The Roots Of ZZ Top

All Around Me 4:37 David Crowder Band Church Music

Stars Fell On Alabama 4:15 Jimmy Buffett Boats, Beaches, Bars & Ballads

Volcano 3:39 Jimmy Buffett Boats, Beaches, Bars & Ballads

Boy With A Coin 4:06 Iron & Wine The Shepherd's Dog

Master Of Sparks 3:31 ZZ Top Six Pack

Never Let Go David Crowder Band

Deliver Me 4:42 David Crowder Band Illuminate

Rodeo Wind 4:49 Jerry Jeff Walker Live At Gruene Hall

We Learned To Be Cool From You 5:55 Jimmy Buffett Buffet Hotel

Hot, Blue And Righteous 3:18 ZZ Top Six Pack

Creola 7:03 Jimmy Buffett Floridays

Speechless 5:07 Steven Curtis Chapman Speechless

Love Song 3:54 Third Day Third Day

O Come And Mourn With Me Awhile 4:05 Jars Of Clay Redemption Songs

Sing Alleluia 3:42 Jennifer Knapp & Mac Powell City On A Hill: Sing Allelluia

Eastern Hymn 6:26 David Crowder Band Church Music

I Heard I Was In Town 3:38 Jimmy Buffett Boats, Beaches, Bars & Ballads

Oh Happiness [Acoustic] 2:35 David Crowder Band The Acoustic Songs

A Beautiful Collision 3:57 David Crowder Band B Collision

On the Radio 3:26 Regina Spektor

One of these days 4:25 FFH

Power in His Blood 4:08 FFH

A New Law 4:46 Derek Webb Mockingbird

Track 02 2:46 James Evan Songs You Can't Dance To

Middle Of The Night 3:16 Jimmy Buffett Boats, Beaches, Bars & Ballads

One Trick Pony 3:26 MercyMe Coming Up to Breathe

Obsession 6:00 David Crowder Band Can You Hear Us?

Six String Music 3:25 Jimmy Buffett Fruitcakes

Nautical Wheelers 3:36 Jimmy Buffett Boats, Beaches, Bars & Ballads [Disc 1]

Matthew's Begats 2:18 Andrew Peterson Behold The Lamb Of God

Sheik 4:05 ZZ Top Six Pack (Disc 2) [Tres Hombres & Fandango]

Resurrection Fern 4:50 Iron & Wine The Shepherd's Dog

You Gave Sight 4:43 Todd Wright All The Freed

Shepherd 3:37 Todd Agnew Grace Like Rain

By His Wounds 3:24 Littrell, Brian; Powell, Mac; Chapman, Steven Curtis; Hall, Mark Glory Revealed - The Word of God In Worship

Meet mwith me 3:40 Ten Shekel Shirt Much

Poured Out 4:01 Marie Barnett Poured OUT - Club Vineyard Vol. 68

Tasting Forgiveness 3:08 RSB Better Days

Surely We Can Change 5:18 David Crowder Band Remedy

Sacred 7:27 Ryan Delmore The Spirit, The Water, And The Blood

Meet Me In Memphis 4:52 Jimmy Buffett Floridays

Pictures of Success 6:56 Rilo Kiley

On A Slow Boat To China 3:59 Jimmy Buffett Boats, Beaches, Bars & Ballads

Rescue Is Coming (B Walk Down Stairs) 6:38 David Crowder Band A Collision or (3+4=7)

Death And All His Friends 6:19 Coldplay Viva La Vida Or Death And All His Friends

Unashamed Love 4:38 Ten Shekel Shirt Much

Little Miss Magic 4:02 Jimmy Buffett Boats, Beaches, Bars & Ballads [Disc 4]

Ballad Of Spider John 4:28 Jimmy Buffett Boats, Beaches, Bars & Ballads [Disc 4]

Nothin' But A Breeze 4:17 Jimmy Buffett Take The Weather With You

Running To Stand Still 4:17 U2 The Joshua Tree (Remastered)

All I Can Say 4:31 David Crowder Band All I Can Say

You Alone 5:37 David Crowder Band The Lime CD

Falling Down 5:02 Ryan Delmore The Spirit, The Water, And The Blood

With Or Without You 4:56 U2 The Joshua Tree (Remastered)

Only You 4:02 David Crowder Band Illuminate

Sea and The Rythm 5:36 Iron & Wine

Twelve Volt Man 3:58 Jimmy Buffett Boats, Beaches, Bars & Ballads [Disc 4]

Track 01 4:18 James Evan Songs You Can't Dance To

all who are thirsty 3:46 Vineyard UK Surrender

Yeah 3:36 Among Thorns Among Thorns

The Twenty-First Time 3:16 Monk & Neagle The Twenty-First Time

Hey there Delilah 3:53 Plain White T's

Son Of A Son Of A Sailer 3:25 Jimmy Buffett Boats, Beaches, Bars & Ballads

Smartest Person In The Room 4:39 Ross King Perhaps I've Said Too Much

When Salome Plays The Drum 3:29 Jimmy Buffett Boats, Beaches, Bars & Ballads [Disc 3]

They Don't Dance Like Carmen No More 2:54 Jimmy Buffett Boats, Beaches, Bars & Ballads

Off To See The Lizard 4:14 Jimmy Buffett Off To See The Lizard

Awakening 4:52 Chris Tomlin Passion: Awakening

Everybody Want To Go To Heaven 4:56 David Crowder Band B Collision

Pagan Angel And A Borrowed Car 4:33 Iron & Wine The Shepherd's Dog

25 Or 6 To 4 4:53 Chicago Greatest Hits Vol 1

This is Our God 5:36 Chris Tomlin The Noise We Make

Mercy 4:57 Ryan Delmore The Spirit, The Water, And The Blood

The Nighted I Painted The Sky 5:32 Jimmy Buffett Barometer Soup

Come Thou Fount 4:32 David Crowder Band All I Can Say

Search And Know 3:37 Todd Wright All The Freed

Biloxi 5:39 Jimmy Buffett Boats, Beaches, Bars & Ballads [Disc 2]

Track 09 3:55 James Evan Songs You Can't Dance To

Little Bird 3:35 Jerry Jeff Walker Live At Gruene Hall

Wholly Yours 4:17 David Crowder Band B Collision

Stronger 4:26 Hillsong Live This Is Our God

False Echoes (Havana 1921) 15:55 Jimmy Buffett Banana Wind

Uncreated One 4:48 Chris Tomlin See The Morning

Take My Life 2:18 Third Day Third Day

New Day 4:07 Robbie Seay Band Give Yourself Away

Happy Ever After (Now And Then) 4:18 Jimmy Buffett Banana Wind

Barefoot Children 4:54 Jimmy Buffett Barometer Soup

Coldplay Viva La Vida Or Death And All His Friends

Take Me To The Cross 4:31 Sheri Carr Fearless Now

I know it's heavy Crowder and Buffett..and if you know me you're not surprised. But..Those artist are speaking to me the most right now. If you have other ideas..I'd love to hear them. Riding my bike..I'm having more time to listen to tunes..and Romack..I'll get some Clairmont on there my friend.


Tuesday, June 1, 2010

The evening bike ride

For weeks I've been riding around in circles in my neighborhood on what is called Broadmoor loop. It's a 1.5 mile loop that I ride my bike on and I also walk it... over and over till I get to my desired distance. I've been trying to get in better condition and to be honest I've been trying to get more confident on that big Giant DX Sedona I ride... Well yesterday I took off and rode through west Lufkin and Hudson on a 16 mile ride. It was great but it was late morning and it got kinda hot. Not bad... it was a fun ride and it was super to have some new scenery.

Well this evening I took off and did the same ride again. I got started around 7:40 p.m... and it was a joy. It brought back great memories of riding my bike up and down Ave V in Alta Loma Tx way back in the day with my friends David McMillian, John and Curtis Rosson. The breeze felt wonderful as I rode through the dusk... the cool of the night breaking though the warmth of the day.. it was like there were cool bubbles of air out there bursting over my body as I rode through the warm moist evening. It was a great ride.. feeling a little like a kid again, riding my old banana bike up and down that shell road in Alta Loma, Tx. What a blessing.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Before I'm 60

A friend of mine would have a 60 before 60.. 60 things he wants to do before he turns 60. I'm just starting this for the first time.. don't know that I have 60 specific things I want to accomplish before I turn 60.. I'm starting this and will add to it a little at a time... in no particular order..

1. Key West and the southernmost incorporated place in the contiguous 48 states.
2. Alaska
3. Snowboard
4. Surf
5. Parachute
6. Bungee jump
7. Hike the Grand Canyon
8. Canada
9. Parasail
10.Learn to sail a boat
11.Get a sailboat
12.Get out of debt
13.Be able to wear my Aggie Ring again (without having it sized)
14.Lose 100 lbs and keep it off.
15.Learn to fly a plane
16.Work on a mission trip on foreign soil.
17.Yosemite National Park
19.Costa Rica Canopy Tour
20.Cycle the Pineywoods purgatory
21.Ride my bicycle from Lufkin to Austin (camping along the way at night)
22.Give Jinx a BoB ring
23.Perform a wedding
25.Own a Mini Cooper
26.Get an iPad
27.Re-establish my daily discipline of scripture reading and prayer
28.See my friend Warren Bird again.
29.Find and visit with 5 old high school friends I haven't seen recently
30.Play golf again
31.Go to a baseball game at Wrigley Field
32.AmTrak to the west coast
33.Baseball game at Fenway
34.Drive a car through a giant redwood
35.Tell my wife I love her everyday
36.See my children complete their educations and become independent,functioning adults
37.See the fall foliage in New England
38.See Jerry Jeff Walker perform again
39.Dance at Gruene Hall at least once a year
40.See Gary P. Nunn perform again
41.Go overseas
42.Scuba dive
43.baseball game at Yankee stadium
44.Canoe the Guadalupe again
45.See Jimmy Buffett again...and again.
46.Publish a song
47.Record my (and my friends) songs and post them on fb or myspace
48.Write 30 more songs
49.Post music videos of some of my songs on youtube
50.Make my music room more soundproof for good recording
51.Every time I say goodbye to one of my family, tell them I love them
52.Do this with regularity.
53.Begin funding my 401K again
54.Visit the Shiner Brewery
55.Eat at the Angelina County airport
56.Visit Mike O
57.Memphis in May
58.Hike to the top of a mountain in Summit County Colorado with Shawn
59.aurora borealis
60.Farallon Islands Whale tour...there ya go...60 before 60.

Monday, May 17, 2010


Hi..this is me...I'm 50.. but that's not what this is about.. A lot of my friends are turning 50 right now.. old school mates even newer friends..but still that's not what this is about..

It is about 50 though..

Not 50 cents in pennies..

or 50 cents in quarters..
or fitty centI like the cross and the gun together.. I think it's very american..


It's not about 50 dollars for that matter..

It's not about guns..like the one 50 cent has in his pic..or guns like....

Like this 50 cal machine gun..

or the 50 cal shells that go in to it.

Now that's big!!

It's about 50 lbs

50 lbs looks like this...

50 lbs of dog food....

50 lbs of beans

50 lbs of walnuts

50 lbs of pork ribs.. that's a lot of pork ribs...

This is almost 50 lbs... it's 40 lbs.. they didn't have 50 lb dumbells...but it was heavy.

or 2 of these weigh 50 lbs..

or 10 of these..

This is Foxy.. she belongs to my friends Cory and Marlene.. Marlene says she weighs almost 50 lbs. She's kinda fat..

This kid lives in a neighborhood near one of my friends... he weighs about 50 lbs. Wow...
Imagine 400 boxes of these goldfish... that's 50 lbs.. LOL!

Do you see where I'm going with this yet????

This is what 50 lbs looks like on my belt (actually..off my belt).... I used to be on the last notch on the very end of the belt. Now there are 5 holes out there beyond my buckle.

On Jan 30th. I weighed 360 lbs.

Today I weighed 310 lbs. (actually 308.5) but I'm rounding up for impact... 51.5 is so much harder to get your head around...

I started off just eating these most of the time. I also just eat smaller portions. I'm satisfied, I still get to enjoy different kinds of food. I have ice cream every once in a while. I have a beer or a margarita every now and then. I have not felt denied.. and I feel great. Once I got a little lighter I started riding my bicycle regularly. I usually ride 3-4 days a week and I walk a couple of days a week.

I have been down this road before but I'm hoping I can continue this long term because I enjoy the food and I really don't feel too denied. I still have little snacks now and then and I just try to choose wisely. But sometimes I don't and that's ok. In fact..spring break was a week when I didn't choose wiesly the whole time.. too many adult beverages and too many Chic-fil-a shakes..but still I'm at 50 lost now.

I have plans to hike the grand canyon in summer 2011 and I am feeling like I'd like to go snow skiing again.. or maybe better yet snowboarding!! (hint hint nudge nudge Mike O) I want to jump out of a perfectly good airplane one day as well. When I get below 270.. the parachute thing becomes a real possibility.

I'm actually beginning to feel like I'd like to put together some kind of bucket list.. but not because I'll feel like my life is lacking if I don't complete them..just for some focus on some things that would be fun to do. I might put that together in a future blog but as for now.. I'm thankful to my God for giving me the desire to have a positive impact on my health... for giving me the avenue to get healthy in a not to painful way (bicycle)...and for my wife who is now walking daily and eating better too....what a great gift to have the support of a spouse in this. I also want to let you know there are a couple of people who have inspired me to make this happen too. Cory, Phil, Clay and Jessie. They really don't know it but it's true. Maybe they know now. Thanks.

Friday, April 23, 2010


Ask me anything http://formspring.me/artieanderson

Favorite meal to eat at Cheddar's? Do you stick to one thing there or try to mix it up?

Donna and I both love the ribs. We share a rack and usually have leftovers but I think they are the best!!! I like the pot pie and the buffalo seasoned chicken strips as well as the lemon chicken. But you can pretty much bet 80% of the time..I'm eatin ribs.

Ask me anything

Best road trip you've yet to take?

West... anywhere. I want to drive through the western states and take my time and stop at all the cool stuff..

Ask me anything

What's worse: hearing fingernails screech down a chalkboard, hearing a baby cry uncontrolably, or hearing Todd Agnew sing a praise song?

A baby cry.. quit hatin on Todd Agnew!!

Ask me anything

Is there ever left over food from your yummy looking Ex breakfasts? How would I score some of that tasty stuff?

Yes there is food left over from breakfast at times..you have to stop by before the evening crew kills it. Actually sometimes there is even enough to carry over to the next morning but I assure you there is hardly ever anything left after the next morning crew kills it...

Ask me anything

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Will you play come thou fount on sunday for me?

I will play it for God.. you will be allowed to enjoy it as well... as long as you go to bed an hour early and get up an hour early and make it to church on time..

Ask me anything


Ask me anything http://formspring.me/artieanderson

While there may be water on Mars, I want to know if there is water in a Mars bar.

Until just recently the Mars bar had been discontiuned so if you had asked this question last year then I would have responded none as there were no Mars bars (unless they were very old and I would have to have a lab analysis done on each and every bar to determine the water loss that had occured over the last 8 years..the bars were discontinued in 2002). Mars bars were relaunched in 2010 so you are in luck! In my research of this question I have found that the Mars bar contains 4.5 grams of water per 100 grams of mars bar. So I will allow you to do the math, the metric conversions, taking in to account if you purchased a bag of fun size or if you got one of those big ol giant bars that weighs like a pound. So yes..there is water in a mars bar.. for more great info about a mars bar..especially if you are dieting..check this out! http://www.calorie-counter.net/candy-calories/mars-bar.htm

Ask me anything

what is the capital of Turkey?

Istanbul was Constantinople
Now it's Istanbul, not Constantinople
Been a long time gone, Constantinople
Why did Constantinople get the works?
That's nobody's business but the Turks

ANKARA is the capital of Turkey..I just like that song..

Ask me anything

If you could wear only underoos underwear, what characters would you wear?

I doubt they make the kind I would want to wear any more... but it would either be Aquaman or the Green Lantern. I'm sure they still have Superman so those would do if others were not available...

Ask me anything

Sunday, January 31, 2010

The beard subculture

Ok... I'm sporting a full beard now..some of you know..but some of you I haven't seen in a while may have missed that. But if you're on fb or twitter you might have noticed this fact.. I've been wearing a goatee for probably a decade or so but this is the first time I've grown a full beard just to grow it.. not to be in a cast at church (wise man or something)..

But you know I never really thought that much about beards until a friend of mine made a comment about another guys full beard.. "Man he's got a man's beard"..something like that.

Anyway..that kinda stuck in my mind.. did I grow this out because of that statement..Nope.. really thought I might be Santa and a church thing for a little while but then I just kept it..

I say all of that to get to this..

I'm walking through lowe's the other day and a young man that looks kinda like this.....

...says "Hey man..how's it going?".

He was an employee. He didn't ask me if I needed help. He didn't try to find out what I needed. It was a friendly greeting.. like I was some one he sees often..like we ran in the same circles..like we were a part of the same group or subculture. It was kinda cool. It was refreshing..then I started wondering if I was now a part of some beard subculture. Kinda like greyhound bus drivers that always wave at each other as they pass on the highways. OR.. maybe an even deeper subculture.

I then started thinking of an SNL skit I saw back in the...well..it was a long time ago. I then had to look it up. I laughed hard..I hadn't seen it in so long.. I doubt the beard subculture is as strong as the one depicted in this vid but it could be..

I'm gonna be much more selective of what my loan officers looks like at the bank.. facial hair will be a must!

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Salvation, Restoration, Redemption and Santa Fe, Tx

A couple of years ago I wrote a paper on Salvation.. a part of that paper is as follows..

Salvation as I stated before is a process. People may be immediately granted membership to the “Body of Christ” when they repent and believe. I also believe people will have eternity with their creator, but probably have not received salvation from all of the “issues” that block them from having a rich and full life. Christ said that he came so that “they may have life and have it to the full”. People will still struggle with issues once they become a Christian therefore I believe they must work through their salvation regarding those issues. Not that I think they are lost or their eternity is in question but true salvation is to be cut free of all those issues. Over time individuals can work through and with the love of community and guidance of the Holy Spirit can be freed of more and more issues over time.

I hope I haven't lost all of you starting you off this way but I have to share with you something very important...that's why I'm back here at my blog that I have pretty much abandoned since falling in love with fb and twitter.

We moved to Alta Loma when I was 5 years old...a part of the white flight of America when schools began desegregating. Can't desegregate a school district that's all white. (mind you I did not understand all of this until much later in life.. I was just living in a world my parents were creating around me)..

Now once we got to Alta Loma and I started in to the Santa Fe Schools...pretty much all I heard was how I was not given an even break because I was not a part of the "clique" or kin to the right people or whatever. Failed accomplishments by me were reasoned away by my dad because I wasn't part of the right group.

That stuff stuck with me. From not making the sale at the county fair to not making all stars in baseball to not getting an offensive lineman award were all laid at the feet of the fact that I just didn't belong in this community.

So...I had a negative feeling about the place I grew up. I felt like I had been shorted by people I grew up around. I just didn't know what to do with this feeling.. I enjoyed those folks I was around but in the back of my mind was this seed that had been planted about my town, my school and the people that were a part it all.

I then grew older and up and graduated and moved on. For many years I was really kind of happy to shake the dust of that town off my shoes and leave it behind. I did go back for a reunion in 88 and I was going through some transformations during that time that did not allow for that reunion to be that fun for me. Everyone was who they were but I had an arrogant feeling about myself and just didn't feel like I fit in.....still.

I heard about later reunions but easily passed on attending because I just didn't want to be a part of all of that. Sometimes it was for reasons of my new-found role as a Christian..

I don't know why I had this idea in my head that I had to give up certain things to be a Christian but it was what it was. I had a very fundamental ideal that I was striving for as I finally made the decision to be a follower of Jesus. I gave up drinking, cursing was dropped easily (and I still try to avoid it as I do not find it attractive as a representative of Christ in the world) and other things that were things that were important for me to do for me to truly believe I was making the sacrifice to follow my savior. Taking up my cross so to speak.

Hence the beginning statements from my paper. I had received salvation from my savior but I had not received salvation from myself. A friend I met years later taught me the redemption available in Christ. Finding God in all things. Loving God's creation. Loving all people...period.

Time went on and I began to find God in a good slice of pizza and a wonderful bottle of Shiner Bock. I had forgotten how great it was to sip gin and tonic....and with all these things many of my self imposed barriers to my home town and my school began to disappear.

I yearned for restoration to my people.. my people from my little community of Santa Fe Texas. Then came the gift of facebook. I began to find my peeps on there and what a joy it was. I was able to communicate with them and it was so great to be a part of their lives again. I watched in envy (forgive me Lord) as the class of 79 had their 30 year class reunion....wishing I could have been a part of mine..if there was one.

Then a long lost friend (won't say old..thanks Janet) throws a party and I get to go..

All I can say is my heart is full..nothing else explains how I feel.

Thank you Connie for your hospitality and your heart.
Thank you Cory for helping me in my redemption and restoration..
Thank you Donna for loving me for a long time through all my phases.
God Bless every one of you.. and those of you Fe'ers that were not there..I look forward to seeing you some day soon too.