Tuesday, June 1, 2010

The evening bike ride

For weeks I've been riding around in circles in my neighborhood on what is called Broadmoor loop. It's a 1.5 mile loop that I ride my bike on and I also walk it... over and over till I get to my desired distance. I've been trying to get in better condition and to be honest I've been trying to get more confident on that big Giant DX Sedona I ride... Well yesterday I took off and rode through west Lufkin and Hudson on a 16 mile ride. It was great but it was late morning and it got kinda hot. Not bad... it was a fun ride and it was super to have some new scenery.

Well this evening I took off and did the same ride again. I got started around 7:40 p.m... and it was a joy. It brought back great memories of riding my bike up and down Ave V in Alta Loma Tx way back in the day with my friends David McMillian, John and Curtis Rosson. The breeze felt wonderful as I rode through the dusk... the cool of the night breaking though the warmth of the day.. it was like there were cool bubbles of air out there bursting over my body as I rode through the warm moist evening. It was a great ride.. feeling a little like a kid again, riding my old banana bike up and down that shell road in Alta Loma, Tx. What a blessing.


Brad W. said...

It takes a confident man to go out by himself and be trapped in his own head for an extended time. I found that there are physical rewards to riding my bike or jogging, but the tranquility of solo exercise may be more beneficial. Keep it up.

Artie said...

I agree Brad.. I usually have Jimmy Buffett rolling around in my head on my rides tho. His music seems to keep me from getting frustrated as I work on things that..well.. frustrate me out on the road. Just getting started in the last few months that's been kind of important.. and thanks.