Wednesday, March 10, 2010

While there may be water on Mars, I want to know if there is water in a Mars bar.

Until just recently the Mars bar had been discontiuned so if you had asked this question last year then I would have responded none as there were no Mars bars (unless they were very old and I would have to have a lab analysis done on each and every bar to determine the water loss that had occured over the last 8 years..the bars were discontinued in 2002). Mars bars were relaunched in 2010 so you are in luck! In my research of this question I have found that the Mars bar contains 4.5 grams of water per 100 grams of mars bar. So I will allow you to do the math, the metric conversions, taking in to account if you purchased a bag of fun size or if you got one of those big ol giant bars that weighs like a pound. So yes..there is water in a mars bar.. for more great info about a mars bar..especially if you are dieting..check this out!

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