Wednesday, April 30, 2008

The first of my own

Ok, I have friends that have blogs... I enjoy reading them and I have opinions at times. I have at times thought that I might have a few things to say on my own but good grief.. getting started..

It's like I have this internal feeling that I need to pour out my entire life before you so that you have some kind of perspective of where I come from and where I think I'm going.

I actually took the time to put this on my "myspace" because it was an adaptation to what Jimmy Buffett had done on his myspace.

Born in Texas City.. yeah that makes me a TEXAN.. moved to Alta Loma when I was 5 with my family.. graduated from Santa Fe High School in 1978. Was engaged, went to Texas A&M.. give us room! Lived off campus, was in engineering for a semester, then tried engineering technology, then got in to Recreation and Parks, fiancee broke it off with me, found the right girl, just didnt' know it yet. Old girl came back, broke it off with right girl (I will never live it down so why not just admit it right here), moved on campus in to Walton Hall, Loved it!! Made lots of friends, old girl became my fiancee again, she broke it off with me again, I stayed drunk alot, had a blast, graduated with honors, moved to Austin, saw Jerry Jeff jogging around town lake, worked for the Austin parks dept. Saw Chris Christoferson jogging around town lake, saw lots of redneck rockers all over austin, the right girl broke up with the guy she was with and I got back with her. She graduated and moved to Austin, we got engaged and got married... finally. We lived in Austin.. almost went broke. Moved to Houston, worked for Roadway, transferred to Beaumont, had 2 kids, quit Roadway, went to work for Red Arrow, moved to Lewisville.. loved it. Red Arrow got bought out by ABF, Red Arrow got shut down, lost my job.. almost went broker.. blew my credit, Mom died, I got depressed, I got interested in Jesus, went to work for American Freightways, quit American Freightways and went to work for RPS. Moved to Lufkin, moved my family to Lufkin, hated it for the first year. Lived in a trailer. Fell in love with Jesus, fell in love with Lufkin and all the loving people here. RPS got bought out by FedEx, I kept my job. Things got harder but things got better. Bought an OLD house in town. Left my Church and most of the folks I love. Tried to start a new church. It didn't start. Joined another church. I love them too. Son is driving, so is daughter who also loves dancing, they spend all the money I don't have.. still have the right girl. Love her dearly. Love the Lord. Love YOU!! I'm a little irreverent. An extroverted introvert. Like to play guitar but it's not a job. I like Jerry Jeff, Jimmy Buffett, ZZ TOP, I try to like some of the stuff on the radio. I like Third Day, Chris Tomlin, DC*B, Passion stuff, I like worshiping God.. I try to do it in all I do daily. I am human, I sin, I fail, I struggle but I got the creator of the universe on my side!!!

There has been some changes in me over recent years since I wrote that but it's ok. I'll try to give you some insight in to me as well as some of my insights in to things.. what little I might have. I still like playing guitar but you see for now it actually is a job.. I am a professional that's funny. Actually I am an associtate pastor at First Christian Church Lufkin TX now. I lead worship in our contemporary service. It's awesome!!

I can remember when there was a time in my life when I said I would never go to a denominational church again especially to one with a number in front of it. God has a great sense of humor!! Hence the name of my blog.

I love the way people hang on to a scripure and build their life around it... even sometime an entire theology....not always taking in to account everything else that impacted those few words that were written in a letter or whatever.

Who were they writing to? Why? What were the social morals of the time? (slaves, multiple wives, women as property...concubines, etc, etc.... and even more deeply imbeded things we will never see).

The great thing about it all is I do love God, Jesus, and the Bible is the centerpiece of it all....filtered through the life and teachings of Jesus.

And if you and I don't see eye to eye on something.. I hope that we will still see eye to eye on another thing and be friends.

Finally.. there has been a day or two in my life when the scritpture I named my blog for would not have applied.. Usually involving Dos Equis beer and the Guadalupe River...

I now feel better and can throw out random thoughts and think that perhaps you have some idea of where it's coming from.

But you still have a very small idea of what I'm about.. that's ok.

Peace to you!


oldfart said...

Dude, I think you are AWESOME! A great example for a Christian.

oldfart said...

I added you to my friends list. I hope that was ok...

Artie said...

Thanks oldfart.. you bless me.