Monday, January 12, 2009

Doesn't it always happen???

I'm two weeks in to what seems to be a fairly reasonable change I want to implement in my life... eat just a little smarter and move my body more..

So what happens? 2 weeks in I'm 2 lbs heavier.. man I love this...

On top of the fact that this day that was pretty good most of the way it ended with me discovering some crap at work that really bummed me... just day to day service stuff but just when you think you might have a really good day something bites you in the behind and then I'm lookin for fudge in all the wrong places. Anyway...this week...Tuesday I played about an hour of something like racquetball..the other three were playing it, but I was limited in my motion.. my legs felt like rubber and I almost ate the wall a couple of times.. but it was pretty fun.. until the next day and my knees were killing me. I walked the next day but Thursday my knees couldn't take it. I wasn't feelin it Friday either.. Got walks in on Saturday and Sunday and felt I was getting back in the swing. I blew it off tonight because I got home late from work and it was cold and I wasn't in the mood. I was really tempted to blow this whole thing off but to be honest with you one of my motivations is that some time in 2010 I would like to purchase one of these... and I know I can fit in one already.. already done the test drive.. but I'd like to be comfortable.. sideways.. in the car. I've got head room and leg room and I fit in the seat but I want to enjoy it...I'd also like to begin riding a bike again some day and I've got to keep moving. A bump in the road, I'm in a funk but I do plan to keep going forward.


roogie said...

Art, I wouldn't be discouraged much about a couple of pounds, your weight probably flucuates like that just depending on what time of the day it is, it's not uncommon.

Keep up the good, hard work. This is a change that will affect everything you do for the better.

And tell Hannah she has some work to do:


Artie said...

Thanks Roogie..I appreciate the support man... and wow..that is some texting. I hope Hannah never gets that "good"?

Katie said...

Artie! I will forever be in a weight struggle, so I can relate somewhat. Don't give up though - in the end, it really is worth it, and you feel so much better. When I'm in town, we can walk together! :)