Friday, February 20, 2009


OK, so I decided to weigh again for the first time in a couple of weeks.. I weigh 350 lbs.. I've cut the carbs since Monday (except for a chocolate chocolate chip cookie and a cran-apple at the blood center yesterday).. that was lunch. That made my morning.

Donna said she was going to no carb it starting Monday. I wanted to support her. My mouth tastes like metal but I'm feeling better and I'm lighter... now I have to keep moving too.


roogie said...

Great job Artie, glad to hear that you're making progress. I've been going to the gym the last 2 weeks and stopped going by the vending machine in our break room before leaving on my trips.


Artie said...

Thanks Roogie.. good job yourself.. those vending machines are evil and seductive.. always a nice quick easy fix of a chocolate doughnut or a bag of m&m's. Keep up the good work.

Katie Jo said...

350!! Wow, Artie! That's awesome!! I'm proud of you. I'm also beginning the quest for some weight loss, since I've gained a lot since school. It was good to see you today! Keep on truckin', son.