Tuesday, June 16, 2009

a short sabbatical from twitter/facebook etc...

First.. a little catching up.

I put new strings on my guitar before church Sunday morning.

I was really tired and it was tough getting up for church Sunday morning... but church was great. Wow, the congregation was singing big time..more than usual.. and we had such a small team Sunday morning too. 2 acoustics and and electric..2 female vocals and myself.. I was really planning to speak to my congregation about why the students could sing so loud at camp but we couldn't/wouldn't in church... but I had nothing to say..they sang out..I don't know why but they were awesome!

Did laundry Sunday afternoon and napped.

Worked Monday and Tuesday at the Ex but mostly catch up from being off last week while at camp... made progress on a couple of things like processing a new hire.. Yay!!

Napped at night..good grief.. it is so hard for me to recover from camp this year. I think part of it is because my allergies are driving me crazy.. I'm also older.. been doing crazy things like playing softball and beach vollyball way before I should (I was making some good progress with my daily walking and was feeling very good but I pushed too much too fast and am now fighting a lot of pain..)

Stayed on my diet pretty well most of camp week until all we had to eat was sandwiches and pizza.. oh well. I've been bad the last couple of days too... Haven't stepped on a scale but my belt notch has not changed...that's a good thing.

I pretty much forgot to twitter Sunday and Monday just because I was too tired and to busy at work to mess with it. Tuesday I realized it and decided to make it another day just so I can say I did. It's been 3 days and no facebook or twitter (besides a couple of replies that I would not ignore..I'm not a jerk).

I'm about to hit the sack and I will get up tomorrow..pack, head to Ft Worth with Donna and Hannah and go through orientation at TCU. We'll stop in Athens on the way and get coffee..

If you are ever traveling through or near Athens Tx and need a coffee go to the Flying Gato.. They have the best coffee I have ever tasted anywhere.. I'm not a coffee snob like Cory but of all the local shops I've tried in Tx and New York as well as the Starbucks I've been to the Gato is the best.. Give it a try some time.

I'll be back on twitter tomorrow..I think I've caught up on my sleep now and hope my allergies are calming down..

If you want to see some vids of camp last week check out Romack's youtube.. camp was great. I love playing with those guys and the kids were awesome. Thanks Cory and the NEA reps for giving us the opportunity to lead worship there. Donna also posted a bunch of pics and vids on her skydrive.. check them out here.. a great week!!!

Ok.. going to sleep now.. Peace out!!

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JBo said...

Just wanted to say that you were one of a several inspirations for me to start a diet on May 10. Another was a co-worker in Florida. And, after I started losing weight, I found out Clay Walker was on a diet, and he's been an inspiration as well.

Losing weight isn't that hard for me when I put my mind to it. Stay away from Dr. Peppers, walk a few miles a day, and I'll drop the lbs. It's keeping them off that is the hard part when I lose focus. That's when I'll need more help from God and folks like you and Clay that can keep me on course.

Anyway, thanks for being an inspiration for my weight loss.