Monday, September 8, 2008

My Friday.. a little late

My Friday was a good day.. nothing really exciting happened but here is a brief run through..

Came to work and I think since we had just had some people visiting our terminal from corporate everyone was a little wired. Everyone was laughing and cutting up and doing our normal "hatin" on each other. We also have one particular member of our staff who loves to get others off of their train of thought and is always hijacking conversations....he was in rare form this Friday.

Later had a very good staff meeting although we didn't bring in Chick-fil-a this time. One of my people had made some awesome chicken spaghetti the night before and she brought the left overs and it was awesome!!! very spicy too!!

Spent the afternoon doing some random tasks and planning music for youth on Sunday night...

I realize I have not been keeping up my set lists.. sorry about that.. I will do better this week.. I think.

Wrapped up the day and met my bride at the house and we headed to .... yes... finally....

Went through the drive through.. drove to the stadium and did some tailgating and went to the LP-John Tyler game. Oh and who are you going to pull for Todd? Lee? JT? or LP? I just thought I'd ask again in case someone missed your post.

Friend of mine (Scott Skelton) took this pic at the game while he was shooting game shots and pics of the band and pride.

LP was underwhelming, but we got the W.

Off to the house and off to bed. Had a busy Saturday ahead...

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Angela said...

"Off to the house and off to bed. Had a busy Saturday ahead..."

VERY Dr. Seuss-ish...I like it!