Wednesday, September 3, 2008

text messages between a mother and son on the first day at Angelina College

Austin-I'm off

Donna-Good Luck

Austin-I forgot paper

Donna-Get some at bookstore

Austin-I'll b late

Donna-Don't know what to tell u

Austin-and there is no place 2 park

Donna-ask someone, u should have gone ealry

Austin-I had 2 park on the street all the way past the bridge and I 4got 2 get something 2 write with

Donna-I can't help u. Deal with it. U have had time 2 get ur stuff together

Austin-and I'm late


david said...

gutsy post.
so it's not just me?

Angela said...

I really like this post! The early bird gets the worm...

Angela said...

P.S. I don't twitter, but I think it is TOTALLY cool that you are following Santa Claus! Have you looked at The Tooth Fairy's twitter? She's got a little "spunk"
to her!

Artie said...

Angela..I'll have to find the tooth fairly..that's great.

and no I guess's not just you David.