Monday, April 27, 2009



I had my struggles with food last week. I tweeted my bad day early in the week..then I had a celebration at work that brought CAKE in to the building and I had some.. enjoyed some Bock's in Gruene this weekend. I did a lot of walking.. walked in Lufkin, hiked in New Braunfels, walked all around the outlet mall in San Marcos and then danced a lot Saturday night..

Oh well.. I'll just keep at it and hope for the best next Monday..


Katie Jo said...

Hey, it's alright. I saw your most recent pictures, and you've lost weight since I'VE seen you. That wasn't very long ago, you know! I promise I'll update soon, it's just really busy with finals week and such! AHHH!

Artie said...

ok..I'll let you do your little whiny thingy..but how long does it take to stand on a scale and type in 3 #'s on your blog..

Good luck on your finals.. prayers are with you. Drive safe coming home and stay away from pigs with colds.. or something like that.