Monday, April 20, 2009

Sunday Setlist 4/19/09 Youth Sunday

This was a Sunday that was not without it's struggles.. I was out of town during the week so no weekday practice.. It was youth Sunday so youth singing and leading worship..some tech issues with sound.. regular sound guy was cooking fish for the fish fry luncheon we have after every Youth Sunday event.. We had a drummer for the first time in weeks... a new one...trying to blend all that together was a little tenuous... but it all worked well.

Cool thing was my daughter Hannah brought the message. You can see all this at our church website here eventually once it is archived. I was very proud of her..

Below you can see the flow of the service. It was a great day.. our youth did a wonderful job!! You can see how others worshiped our risen Lord here at

Yes...I know there is lots of Crowder... it's OK.. I promise...

Gathering Music (Glory of it All- Crowder)

Enter the Light of Christ (Tyler Day)

Welcome and Announcements (Cory)


Children’s Sermon (Lauren Skelton)

Praise Music (PT & youth singers)

O Praise Him(Crowder)

How Great Thou Art(Hine/Baloche)

Call to Communion (Shelby Garcia)

Prayer for Elements (Mariah Melvin)

Communion and Offering

Communion Music (Never Let Go-Crowder)

Worship Music (PT & youth singers)

A Beautiful Collision(Crowder)

Here I Am Lord(Schutte)

Prayer Time and Lord’s Prayer (Scott Skelton)

Scripture (Dylan Goodier)

Sermon (Hannah Anderson)

Invitation to Respond

Invitation Music (Surely We Can Change, Megan Yeager(Crowder))

Benediction/Prayer for Food (Brax Turner)

Going Out Music (How Great Thou Art)

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steff said...

Youth Sunday is so much fun! Love it,