Tuesday, October 21, 2008



oldfart said...

I have prayed about this. I still can't think of why you would post a vid of a dog with a constant licking problem on your blog other than to say, "Look at this poor animal! His toungue is so large, that his only relief is to THROW it out into the air repeatedly until he passes out." I remember one time, well, uh, I wont go there right now.

That is the longest toungue I have ever seen on a dog though. WELL DONE!!!!!

Artie said...

I just thought it was funny.. that's all.. especially since the owner has made up that cool song to go along with the vid

Katie said...

OMGOSH! ARTIE!!! YOU CAN'T LIE TO YOUR FANS! You only, and I mean ONLY, know about Charles because I showed him to you a week ago. So I will take full credit for his influence in your life, and I will also go ahead and say that Charles has inspired me to lick the air incessantly.

Artie said...

World please forgive me for my lack of full disclosure regarding Charles and his licking problem and from whence my knowledge of this video came.

Katie is the master of all my funny YouTube video knowledge..

More to come..something about a flea market in Alabama.