Wednesday, October 1, 2008


Thank you SCL..


david said...

please tell me you didn't miss this!
Crowder- Jesus is a friend

oldfart said...


Artie said...

I sure did miss it David... When I saw this it was late.. I was tired but it gave me a good laugh and I though others would enjoy it. Tried to look at a couple of responses but they were lame..I will have to watch it tonight..can't see this stuff at my fortune 500 transportation company office.

Zap! My new "cool" word.. it will be to me as "Aloha" is to the Hawaiian culture..

JBo said...

Hi Artie.

Actually, it's lumbearstang, for three different college mascots. I also go by PetShopDad and JBo depending upon who I want to p*** off.

So your daughter came up in the stands tonight with a young man that looks like Mark Wahlberg with long hair. My four year baby girl old looked at him and said in her little sarcastic tone, "Uh...Is that a boy or a girl?"

At least she said it at low volume. Eating at Chen's last year, a long-haired man walked in and sat down beside us and she loudly exclaimed, "Hey look, there's Jesus."

He laughed and said she wasn't the first to say that. He really did look like Jesus.

Lufkin's passing game stinks. I'd say that over at, but then I'd be banned thanks to their new edict "All positive All the time."