Friday, October 10, 2008

I's been a while

I haven't been feeling so hot lately.. a lot of sinus junk and some other discomforts that really don't need to be revealed here. So.. I've been doing a little twitter but I realized I haven't blogged since Oct 1st.

So I thought I'd share a little bit about what I've been contemplating lately..

I'm a big dude... most everyone knows that. I used to be smaller but I've always been a person of size.. hard to find clothes that fit off the rack.. not that many shoes in the store that fit me.. heck.. and I know folks at work will back me up... even my head is a little bigger than most.

But I'm getting frustrated with myself. I'm getting too FAT. I know I'm never going to be like most of my brothers... skinny.. or even just kinda lean. I've been "husky" my whole life. I don't know where my kids get their slim stature but I'm happy for them... I just know I've got to start doing something...

My wife has begun an after school work out program offered by the school. She says it's wearing her out but she's feeling a difference too. Me? Can't seem to make it a priority. I have a hard enough time finding quiet time with my God and my bible so I really just don't know how important getting some exercise is to me .. well I do know.. Not very...

When I was younger.. (years .. many years..) I used to ride my bike everywhere. I loved riding it and it was cheap transportation. In college it was the only way I got around College Station save for a bus on a rainy day or something. No way was I going to move my car from my primo parking space just outside Schumacher Hall ( I lived in Walton thank you..I did not live in those up town spaces in suckmocker).

I rode a little more later in life going on camping trips and stuff like that but then I went to work in the freight business... A business that has seemed to consume my life for the last couple of decades.. throw on top of that finally hearing God's calling on my life and spending many hours on things like Upward Basketball and leading worship in what spare time I bike riding any longer.

So...I'm getting more and more sedentary as my local fortune 500 transportaion branch grows and I get more employees and drivers and my work life becomes less hands on.

Gas prices get stupid and I start thinking of these...

I went by Pedalocity and they gave me a little look around and a book on Fuji bikes.. I've also been checking them out here .
Wow..there are some very expensive bikes out there.. I'm thinking.. really thinking about getting one I can ride to and from work.. Now how I deal with the sweat.. the clothes.. the rest of those kind of issues.. I'm not sure but I know other people ride bikes to work in other places. I don't want to spend more than around $500 either.. I'm used to $99.00 ten speeds from K-Mart myself so these bike shop bikes really seem "out there".
So.. I'm pricing these, I'm thinking hard, I'm knowing it's not something I can jump it to too quickly or I'm gonna get some big hurt on my body....but I've got to do something and this resonates with me a great deal..
Who knows..maybe you'll be honking and shaking your fist at me soon as I legally use my lane of the road and you think I should have tale lights and turn signals..
Heck..maybe there will even be a pinywoods purgatory in my future.
Any thoughts?


Angela said...

My friend's dad always rode his bike from his house in Central to his work (the "new" post office)...every single day. I'm not sure what he did about sweaty clothes and stuff though.

Nikolee said...

My Greek professor rides her bike to work everyday except when its raining...i say go for it! Besides the health benefits of riding your bike, you will also save on gas.

Cory said...

Don't get a road bike. Get a mountain bike. You can still go on the road, but you can also go offroad with me...