Saturday, October 11, 2008

My Saturday

Well folks.. I slept in big time this morning. I think it was almost ten by the time I rolled out of bed... Wow.. I hardly every sleep in that much any more. I don't know why but I have really been droopy lately. Maybe it's the chest congestion that's dragging me down but I'm just whipped lately. Anyway.. I've decided to NOT do My Fridays.. I work on Friday and big deal, I go to work, I complete some reports, I sit on some conference calls, I eat, I go home and maybe go see a movie or go to a Panther football game..

Anyway..I'll do My Saturday's from now on. Well I have a lot to report on I already said I slept in..

Then I did laundry..and more laundry and watched some college football.

This is just a small sample of the workI did today.. I did numerous loads.. as well as tidying around the house some.

Oh and see that cat in the picture.. that's Magic.. I just call him gato.. anyway.. I found him in our bedroom with the tail and hind legs of a squirrel today.. I ran him outside.. that was fun..

Did a little more laundry..

I then took the family to Chili's for supper and enjoyed their chicken club tacos and a couple of Shiner Blacks...

..those things are pretty good...

We then went home and relaxed watching some dvr'd shows we just haven't gotten around to watching.. House, CSI, Criminal Minds...

A good relaxing day with my family...and our little touch of wild kingdom to boot.


Steve Killam TMTL said...

We went to Dallas Friday and I had a few "Shiner Blacks" as well. Those are good! The closest thing to the best micro brews I have had.

oldfart said...

Sounds like you had a fun day. Hope you get to felling better

Artie said...

Hey Steve.. Yes..they are good..first time I've had one. I think they're part of their countdown to 100 years (like that 99 you see on the end table.. a Helles Lager. It's pretty good too.) I find those "blacks" to be like a stout that is light and doesn't have the after taste. Went well with the tacos.

oldfart.. yeah a fun day...and more yet to do... the house has gotten out from under us with the hurricane..out of town stuff to do on Saturdays..and we have guests coming on the 26th. I've got that full time job and then that pastor gig that keeps me pretty busy.. then not having a lot of energy lately I just haven't been much help. I need a day off from work so I can work done around the house...grrr.