Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Random March 3rd stuff

Tuesday March 3rd Hannah and I went to TCU for another visit.. she wanted to visit with people from the environmental science department and I wanted to check on her scholarship situation..she also wanted to see one of the dorms she had not seen yet.. We ate at fuzzy's she fell in love with enviro science..(she wants to save the world).. we saw several friends of hers and even some of my friends..Then we went to U of Dallas to see her friend Allison Guse.. It was kind of a long day.. but fun to spend it with Hannah..this is just a short clip of the day..

It also proves that if you are going to eat chocolate ice cream and wear white skinny pants..you will get some on your pants...


Katie Jo said...

"She's a frog now...at least, she'd better be. I don't wanna lose my money."

Classic quote from Artie. Loved it.

I also loved the namedropping you did (OF ME!) I am obviously famous.

I see that you've been in quite a blog posting mood as of late....and I have to say - I APPROVE.

Artie said...

it's been fun.. I have more energy now I'm carrying around a few less pounds.. and I think my body responds well to low carb diets..

Hannah said...

he says 'she'd better be'
like i've applied to a ton of other schools and might decide to go to one of them instead... hahaha