Monday, March 9, 2009

Sunday's worship.. 3/8/09

This Sunday we did some cool creative/experiential stuff... it really touched some people to actually write "Child of God" on a name badge and wear it.. it was very meaningful.

On the other side they wrote all the things that they were, could be names or titles .. I wrote husband, father, song writer, worship leader, freight guy, friend, bald guy, fat guy, friend, lazy, workaholic, but the key thing is no matter what I'm called I'm a child of God.. here's how worship flowed..

March 8: Blessing

Prelude – Nelda (announcements on screen)

10:45 AM - Lighting of candles

Opening Praise Set

Give Thanks-Smth

Hallelujah (You’re Love is Amazing)- Brown/Doerksen

Stethoscope video

“I got a name” (Croce) – Artie

Welcome to FCC/Announcements (Mike)

Children’s Sermon (Kathy)

Greeting (introduce yourself with label – “Hi, I’m an accountant”)

Worship Set

Every Move I Make -Ruis

Wonderful Cross- Reeves, Tomlin, Walt, Watts, Mason

Short Prayer & LP (Cory)

Sermon – Genesis 17 (Mike)

Transition Music (Sing Hallelujah)-Stassen

(Elements and Guitars lead procession to FH)

Name Making Experience (Cory sets-up, background music on iPod)

Words of Institution (Mike)

Communion – at multiple stations (choir music)

Invitation (Wonderful Cross) Reeves, Tomlin, Walt, Watts, Mason

Prayer of Dismissal (Mike)

Postlude -Give Thanks-Smith

It was a very good Sunday, The experiment with recording practice and posting it on youtube for at home rehearsal for those who need it or can't make practice is still proving to be a big help to the Sunday morning offering by the team.. I really appreciate the effort they are putting in to making worship a priority.

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Jim Drake said...

Wow--sounds like a really creative service. I would have loved it.

When you moved to the FH (i'm assuming Fellowship Hall) did you lose any people who were in the service?

Thanks for posting--this was really creative!

Artie said...

Thanks for your comment.. Yes..we had round tables set up in the Fellowship Hall so people could sit around the tables and see each other and talk to each other in a more relaxed environment while they were making their name tags..we wanted them to talk to each other about what all their names/titles/tags were and then affirm each other in the name that they all had.. "Child of God". We lost one or two..but we heard nothing but positive comments from those who participated. We also had some that were unable to make the move because of physical limitations..our wonderful ushers tended to them and made sure they received communion and were not left out of the experience. I really appreciate your feedback. I hope to do a better job of putting more of this kind of stuff up.

Another Beggar said...

I only saw person one break for the parking lot.