Sunday, March 15, 2009

Sunday Worship 3/15/09

youtube of practice continues to help our Sunday morning prep and the quality of our offering.. another very good Sunday as far as music and a very cool service that I hope helped people think just a little bit more about their every day lives.. Check out the layout of the worship service below...

10:45 AM

Gathering Music – The Cross of Christ (Wright) (announcements on screen)

Enter the Light of Christ

Praise Music

God of Wonders (Byrd/Hindalong)

How Great Thou Art (Hine/Baloche)

Welcome and Announcements

Introduction to Theme (Donna: Exodus 20 video)

Choral Anthem – Alas! and did my savior bleed? (Banks) (Guest Choir Director, Mike Hunter!)

Children’s Sermon (Kathy)


This morning we invite you to introduce yourself by stating which of the Ten Commandment YOU think is the most important.

Worship Music

All in All (Jernigan)

Wonderful Cross (Reeves/Tomlin/Walt/Watts/Mason)

Prayer Time & Lord’s Prayer (Kathy)

Prayer Response – Enid Hunter, oboe

Scripture Reading – Exodus 20:1-17 (Artie)

Sermon – Does the List Matter? (Mike)

Invitation to Respond

Invitation Music – Sanctuary (Thompson/Scruggs) (transition to table on second verse)

Call to Communion (Mike)

Prayer for Elements

10 Word Exercise

This morning we invite you to circle the word identifying the commandment you struggle with most. You will keep one copy for yourself and bring one forward to lay at the foot of the cross before you participate in the offering and communion.

Communion & Offering (praise team instrumental)

All Christians, regardless of denomination, are invited to participate in this meal of love and remembrance. Come forward to lay your tablet at the cross, before presenting your offering and partaking of communion. You may come to the Table when you feel led and depart on your own.

Go Out in God’s Peace…

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Peace everyone..


Justin said...

I haven't done/heard God Of Wonders in a long long time.
Great set list

Artie said...

Thanks for your comment Justin. Our church loves "God of Wonders".. when it fits I love to hear them sing it!