Friday, May 2, 2008


In resopnse to this
i am: Large
i think: I'm not to old to be what I want to be.
i know: so little
i want: a cooper, a new guitar, a more energy efficient house, peace and oh yeah, contentment.
i have: more than I can say grace over
i wish: the best for my children in their lives
i hate: nothing right now.
i miss: mom
i fear: snakes and lizards
i feel: fat
i hear: the printer whirring and Keith talking
i smell: air freshener
i crave: big soft sweet pastries with chocolate milk
i search: for acceptance
i wonder: when God will call me away from FedEx
i regret: nothing
i love: my family
i ache: when I sit too long
i care: what you think most of the time
i always: over eat
i am not: a great guitar player
i believe: we are called to do God's will on earth as it is in heaven
i dance: Not.. any more.
i sing: a lot
i don't always: do what I should
i fight: hatred
i write: horribly
i win: at fantasy sports....sometimes
i lose: at guitar hero
i never: eat liver
i confuse: people I work with for my own entertainment
i listen: to contemporary christian music..on CD's and pop music on the radio to try and stay in tune with my kids
i can usually be found: at Fedex or First Christian Church
i am scared: sometimes
i need: a Shiner Bock now and then.
i am happy about: my life

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