Sunday, May 4, 2008

Stewardship Stimulus Package

I received an email from The Disciples News service... it's news about things going on my church as a whole.. That would be the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ).

It was a real kick in the head for me.... more later...

I know everyone has been talking about what they were going to do with their "George Bush" money. Some are buying new cool things (I'm pretty sure that was the main point of the whole deal right?) Flat screen TV's, Tires, Gas, etc. etc. I know some that are just getting rid of the debt that they have built up over time trying to get their budgets back in line because of the new wacked out fuel costs we are all dealing with.

Me? Ever since I've known about the economic stimulus package coming out I have known that I was going to buy oldfart's Larrivee' guitar. He hasn't played it much and it is in beautiful condition. It is so much easier to play than my Takamine and sounds infinitely better. It's a cutaway too..ooohhh that's cool.. not that I ever go that far down on the neck.. Every now and then I do but I'm such a "basic" guitar player most of my chords are played within the first 3 frets.... Anyway.. beautiful guitar... that's where a chunk of my George Bush money is going. What is oldfart doing with my GW money? Paying off bills.

I've also got to pay for an air condition repair job that was done at the house.. Now that's sexy isn't it?? Yawn yawn. Boring, boring, boring... I came I saw I bored.. paying for home repairs.

There's still a little left. I was going to pay off a bill or something. Probably will put some of that money on a credit card but then....

The kick in the head.....

In the email from the Disciples News Service it talks about the Stewardship Stimulus Package... Several ways to put a portion of our GW money to good work stimulating the economy of those that have nothing.. or very little. Or perhaps helping with new church plants, helping your own church with needed purchases or help pay for a pastor to go to pastors week.

The article talks about how DOC's all across America would be receiving in total around $450,000,000 in stimulus $$$ That would amount to $45,000,000 if members of the DOC church would tithe that GW money.

I was convicted.. I will be giving 10% to do God's work in this world. I will probably direct it to new church starts. I see it as the best way to reach the unchurched and I still hope to participate in another church start some day.

So, what are you going to do? I'm not asking you to funnel your GW money through my church. I am challenging you to put a little of this economic stimulus package to work for others in need....

So.... what are you doing with your GW $$$? Let me know.

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oldfart said...

Selfishly, I guess, we are putting it toward new flooring in our home. Mainly the living area and dining areas.

Yet, now that you mention it, it would only be right to forward that ten percent to the church. Most will not believe this, but God has provided this incentive, even thought George W lays claim to it.

Great post Artie. Checking my toes now. They feel a little smashed. Just kidding. Thank you for writing this to help me remember who this money actually came from and who only asks for a tiny portion in return.