Monday, May 5, 2008

Monday's are hard.. and not so hard

I feel pretty confident that my Monday blogs will be insignificant at best. Go to work at 6:30 work till 8:30 go to First Christian Church, hang out and visit a little then pastor meeting at 0900, Staff meeting at 10:15, Pastor lunch then back to FedEx around 1:00 to 1:30. Get reoriented to being FedEx guy and then I have a conference call at 2:30 till around 3:30. Deal with a few e-mails, customer service calls, work on a thing or two, talk to staff and make sure they are doing ok and bam it's time to go.

I love my freight job but I do like it when I can be productive. I love my church job.. I love going and being with the other pastors, discussion pastor relations items, plans for upcoming weeks, working on special Sundays with the music director. I feel really good there. Starting Monday's with time at church is really an amazing blessing that I have in my life right now. I have such a wonderful staff at my full time job and they allow me the ability to step away for a while and be Pastor guy. Then I go back to face conference calls and catch up. It's a day that is a blessing but it is also a day that is pretty much a throw away too.

I'm not griping mind you, just giving you a glimps of what it's like. May not have time for much on Monday. So hard to blog.. not so hard to "work".

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oldfart said...

I think its funny that you already feel a need to blog regularly now. I enjoy reading it.