Tuesday, May 20, 2008


Not to long ago.. because my son had been watching it... I began watching a show called House.

It's a show like I've never seen before. It is mostly a comedy I guess but it has drama aspects to it too. But it is also a pretty heady medical show. I mean the people that help write this thing must be medical geniuses or can really make up a bunch of medical stuff that fools the heck out of me.

The main character of the show is Dr. Gregory House. He is pretty much a loaner. He doesn't interact with the patients much because he really doesn't care about them (at least that is what we are to understand). He hates to work in the clinic and ends up creating some pretty funny scenes when he has to. He works through is medical staff to help with diagnostic problems that others cannot handle. He does that because it's interesting. Not because he cares but because it's challenging.. oh yeah..he's addicted to pain killers and likes to drink a little to much too.

I can remember seeing ads for the show months back thinking there was no way I could enjoy a show that was so hateful and mean. House is so demeaning to his staff, to patients and to his only friend Wilson.. a kind hearted oncologist that I can't for the life of me figure out why he likes and hangs out with House except that they wrote him that way.

Anyway..I've gotten hooked on this show. I love the caustic put downs that House comes up with. It reminds me of some of us at work who love to take jabs at each other. We love to "hate" on each other.. but in the show it's not friendly jabs but it is great ammo for work.

All the stuff they work on is trying to figure out what is wrong with someone when no one else can figure it out. The interactions between the characters are great and it's fun to watch how House's team work against and with each other to deal with patients and House and the game of figuring out what's wrong.

Last night it was the season finale... It's hard for me to think of it. It was the most depressing and sad season finale I've ever seen. I won't post what happened here because you might want to go to the link and watch it because if you know the characters at all it really had them show themselves deep down and real.. and there were things revealed about Dr. House that you may not have realized. It was a great show.. You could even read a little about it here.

There was also a great song at the end of the show that was haunting.. It was called "Passing Afternoon" by "Iron and Wine". What a cool song. I had to find it. My daughter knew who the group was when she heard them on the show so we then searched for it so I could hear it again.. We re-ran the TiVo a couple of times but I needed to know more about the group and the song.

You can check out the MySpace too but that song isn't on there. It needs to be but I think it's some pretty cool music. Hannah found a YouTube someone had done with "Passing Afternoon" in the background. I thought it was pretty cool so I thought I'd share it.

This may all be old news to you but the show blew me away and so did the music.

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