Wednesday, May 28, 2008

May 27th 2008....One for the books!

Yesterday started out fairly normal.. Go to FedEx in the morning a little before 7 and be FedEx guy for a while... it was not Monday but it was the first workday of the week so there was a pastor meeting in the morning. Go be pastor dude (I'm trying this based on oldfart's recommendation) for a while. Meet with pastors, meet with staff, pastor and intern lunch then back to being FedEx guy.

At Fedex for maybe an hour and then something strange happens.... the world tilts just a little off of it's normal axis. Jupiter aligns with Mars. The moon (which we could not see) turns blood red..... actually...the moon is in the last quarter phase in the sign of Pisces. The moon square Sun at 10:56 p.m. on May 27th (I really don't know what any of that means) Thanks

Anyway.. the insanity begins.

You can read about the first of the fun things that happened yesterday below in my blog on the break in.

I go back to work and then head back home a couple of hours later...

I get home and find a couple of nice long lag bolts to screw the door shut with and I'm thinking all the craziness is over.

I walk back in to the bedroom and there is this big commotion in the corner.. my cat has a squirrel. It chews a little and then plays a little and so on and so on... I'm trying to keep Donna calm and see if I can get the cat away from the squirrel. He runs under the bed hanging on to the squirrel. Great! I run him out from under the bed in to the dining room and I don't see where he goes (I'm hoping he's out the doggy door) no... he's hiding under the bell cabinet. chomping... I run him out from under there and he heads toward the newly busted door with the doggy door in it. He stops right in front of the dog door and chews some more.... Donna is not handling this well at all. The cat is really pissed but won't go outside so I finally (against my better judgement) grab him by the scruff of the neck and pick him up. He leaves a headless squirrel carcass behind. I take the cat outside then I go retrieve the squirrel and discard him in a plastic bag in the trash.

Now it's time to pick up Austin's car from repair garage we dropped it off at and take it to Cox muffler so they can check his catalytic converter. He has an old bmw with a few issues. The handle on the driver side is kinda messed up so I start to open the window so I can open it from the outside... the window drops down in to the door. I'm just glad it didn't break. I worked for about 15 minutes to pull the window up but no luck. Well I couldn't leave his car with the open window at Cox so I drove it home. I work on trying to get the window to come up but just make it worse and also end up running the battery down messing with the electric window switch and trying to get the window up with a pair of pliers.

It starts to drizzle so I just push the car under the carport and hook the charger to the battery and leave it for another time...

Austin comes home from work at the CLC at FUMC and finds the needle nose pliers Donna and I neither one could find anywhere. He pulls his window up in about 4 seconds.

I order pizza from, pour me a tall cold diet coke, go climb in the bed and turn on the TiVo... by this time it's almost 10:00 p.m. I didn't plan music, we didn't hang wallpaper, I just blew a ton of adrenaline and frustration and got almost nothing done..and I'm hoping nothing else happens....well I did put those two lag bolts through my door/door jam so no one could get in... I've got that going for me.


oldfart said...

Gunga la gunga.

So I got that goin for me. Which is nice. lol what a day.

Artie said...

Gunga la gunga...
One of my favorite movies of all time.. watched it at least 100 times.

oldfart said...

Finished my tag

Newton said...

First of all your cat needs to see a therapist! Or maybe you should try feeding it! lol

Wow I am just glad you have drama and you are not immune to it after all! :)