Wednesday, May 21, 2008

the (re)blog

OK, I've already talked about my friend Cory and his (re)blog before. He's posted that he is thinking of "killing it before it dies". Responses have been minimal since he (re)surrected it.

He will challenge most of the folks in east Texas to think beyond the bible belt mentality we've grown up with while also being grounded in Christian theology that matches his liberal arguments. He's from here so he knows where most of you come from but he's also ventured to the northwest and has experienced and embraced a different "mindset".

Don't blow him off. Challenge him. Have conversation. He loves conversation. We all grow from conversation (see Proverbs 27:17) I need you to embrace his page... because I like reading it so much. I learn a lot from it. He may challenge you and question you but I assure you he has a big heart and does it all in love and for the expansion of God's kingdom. Check him out and give him some feedback.


Todd Wright said...

A. I like the new look.

B. You're gonna' half to give me the hookups...I see some CDs over there on the right hand side I need to be listening to!

Artie said...

Furious love it's doing it for me right now.. I'm seting it aside for a week or so to give it a rest. I like the Sheri Carr CD quite a bit. That third one you probably wouldn't be interested in. I'm not to sure about that guy. I'll get some of those tunes in to your hands.

Artie said...

Afer reading my post.. What I meant to say was Furious Love is NOT doing it for me right now.