Sunday, July 6, 2008

4th of July Weekend

This weekend was an eventful weekend. First I have needed to replace the turn signal bulb on the left rear of my truck for a while now... surprised I haven't gotten a ticket yet.. on top of I have to get an inspection done..

I knew it would be a little different. I hadn't had to replace one on my truck before and I didn't see any immediate ways to get to the bulb. I looked it up on the internet and it looked pretty simple except I didn't have a star wrench. So I head to Advanced Auto parts and pick up one of these.

and a bulb..but of course it was the wrong one.. oh I checked the reference book in the store and it wasn't easy to tell which bulb I was supposed to buy so of course I get the cheaper one and of course it's the wrong one.

But I made my repairs in the auto parts store parking lot so frustration levels were very low because I wasn't driving back and fourth from Mantooth St and Gaslight Blvd.

Exchanged the bulb, made the repair and all was well.

After Hannah got home from working at JYF camp we headed to Conroe to have a 4th dinner with family and shop for her a car. She now drives a 2006 Kia Spectra..

Yeah, she used to have a 67 mustang. Well I still do but I'm gonna sell it. She needs safety features not found on 67 mustangs. No more need be said. Learning experience for me..costly one.

We now have 5 cars in a 4 person family.

Came back Saturday and got up early Sunday and lead worship with Melissa Smith at church today. It was great. She sings so beautifully. Many nice things were said about how we sounded today. It was just great singing with my old friend and worshiping our God together.

Took a nap after having lunch with Mike and Enid..thank you again for lunch Mike. I enjoy our times together.

Then joined the rest of the adults to beat the kids of our church at softball and had some great grilled burgers and dogs after. And a grapette grape soda..mmmm mmm good!

Now I'm tired and about to go to sleep. It was a really good weekend.


oldfart said...

How much for the mustang?

Artie said...

$2500..please know it is has issues.

Artie said...

probably going to put in on ebay tonight.

Geoffery said...

I would not have found that tool at Advance, they are called Torx and the star name would have confuzzled me!

Artie said...

Interesting geoffery..I really had no idea what to call it. I just googled "replace tail light on 99 dodge ram 1500" and I got what I needed and I just figured since I was getting the bulb there I should be able to get the tool there...whatever it's called. Thanks and now I'll have to google "Torx" to see what that tells me.