Friday, July 25, 2008

My Friday..

I got up this morning.. I drank a cup of Starbucks coffee... ate some frosted mini wheats and some biscuits and gravy.

I loaded my luggage and the luggage of several people that were with me on to our church bus. We then left the T bar m resort in New Braunfels TX and drove across Texas back to Lufkin. On the way I dropped my son and my wife off in Conroe so they could go to a baby shower tomorrow.. ewwhh.... not for me. Hannah came with me because she has to work tonight.

I'm now sorting damp clothes and washing them so they don't mildew.

If I get enough done I might go see The Dark Knight tonight.. if not oh well. I do get to sleep in my own bed tonight.


Todd Wright said...

This post is absolutely awesome. Animated Starbucks cup? Are you kidding me? That's great...sounds like you're glad to be home!

Artie said...

Had to drop the animated cup.. had some stuff on the back that I didn't read.. actually I didn't realize it was animated until I looked at my post from your viewpoint. wasn't "me" so to speak.

Yeah, glad to be home..