Friday, July 11, 2008

Selling the Mustang...Episode III. The quest for knowledge

Bid has not changed... I now have 27 people watching the bid...ah no.. 28.

I've had .. you won't believe this.. 666 people visit my ebay selling page. For those of you that know my cell number this is way too strange.

I posted more pics on my flickr account of the front driver side of the car since I had a question from a potential buyer about the head light surround.

Now I get another question....

hi any pix of the 2 frame rails that are directly underseats area ,,where u jack car up from also torque boxes under car where beginning of front doors meet under near sill panel thanx

....Is this too much? Should I just do a full video of the car up on a it on this blog and direct the bidders to this site? I'm not even sure where some of this stuff is. I'm not a mechanic..and I don't pretend to be.

Besides I'm going to be gone to Dallas for Austin's bowling tourney this weekend. I can't get it done till Sunday late.

It just seems like the more info I give them the more they want.. but then again.. I guess that means they are interested and want the car...maybe .. I hope...

More to come..along with blogging the state bowling tournament.

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