Thursday, July 10, 2008

Sellilng the Mustang on ebay

Just thought I'd go ahead and blog the ebay experience. I've purchased several things on ebay. Austin's bmw, this mustang you see above, jewelry, Dell computers, power cords (which are way cheaper on ebay than from dell)..

Anyway. This is my first selling experience. Donna has sold something on ebay before..and I'm using her account to sell under since she's already set up.

Setting the page up was a little confusing because I started setting up a page and then found out I was supposed to do a special page for autos.

Finally got it set up and added quite a few pics. Here are a few of them.

Put in a nice description but was very honest about the issues this old car has. I don't want anyone to purchase this without knowing what was up with the car. Body damage from hitting the big yellow pole at the parking lot at Lufkin HS.. some additional damage from when she bumped in to a work truck.. the rear windows that never worked, the passenger window that someone jacked with one night and many other things you can see if you go to the site

Not much happened at first but then I got a bid and a question..someone wants to know more about the frame and stuff. They'd like pics if possible so I post some more pics of the underside of the car (exciting stuff) on flickr. (doesn't cost me more money to put pics there.. it does on ebay. I hope this is ok).

I've received several more questions and one more bid. I've also got 23 people watching. Some people have asked for my phone number but then have not called??

Some want me to "Sell it Now" for less than my sell it now price??? ah the auction doesn't last that long as it is you know?? Just politely said No but thanks for asking.

I'll keep you guys posted on the sale as time goes on.

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