Monday, July 14, 2008

Selling the Mustang: Episode V - A New Hope

Yes there is a new hope for the Anderson financial situation. We are just under 2 days away from the close of the auction and we have achieved a certain sale. The reserve has been met.

Current Bid: $2000
# of Bids: 8
# Watching:37
site hits: 995

Posted more pics on flickr of the underside of my car.
A person from Ft Worth is new to the area and wants to know how far away Ft Worth is from Lufkin. They would like to see the car before bidding on it.

Maybe, just maybe I'll be able to pay off one of my freakin' credit cards and get a little pad in my monthly budget after the purchase of Hannah's Kia. But then Austin's BMW has A?C blower issues and needs the heater core replaced.. (Heater Core alone is around $750 to repair... ahhh).

Whatever happens, happens but I am glad we will be selling the car. I knew we would have gotten around $500 for it as a trade in so this was a good decision.. I don't have any money in my account yet but again..there is HOPE!

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