Saturday, July 19, 2008

Selling the Mustinang:Episode VIII-This is Ridiculous

We wait and wait to see if the $500 deposit money is showing up in our paypal account...then we get this.

hi sorry u may have to sell to second chance offer underbidder hard to get shipper out to los angeles sorry

Not happy my wife replied that perhaps he should at least pay the deposit or receive negative feedback.. He should have researched shipping before bidding and winning the car.

We get:

every one keep cool.........i was promised that more pix of underneath were put up to show areas of my concern the frame rails & torque boxes (immeadiatly under where front of doors & rear front fenders are ..... right underneath sill panels . i am trying contact my shipper in l.a he gives me conflicting costs one is 800$ other is 1800$ i have to wait for his confirm... worse case senario u can 2cnd chance offer it which wont cost u a thing .. i need those pix please

I had taken pics all over the underside of the car and got no feedback about needing more.. we told him that and got..

those photos didnt show areas of concern ..once i get those pix and allay concerns of rust in those front frame half areas probs

but I went and took more pics. We posted them with questions as to if this covered it..

We get:

underneath where drivers & passengers feet rest
,right under neath all that front frame area that looks at the road

By this time pics were posted between communications because I was very frustrated..we were past our required deposit date and still no resolution to this thing.

We get this:

and left clear pix of vehicle

Donna tells him we've posted all the areas of his concern then we get this...

ok will check thanx

Then this:

left front under 5 & right front under 9 those 2 pix need more area of that photoed

To see what he's talking about go here...

So Donna is set to take pics of every freakin' thing under the car... but we then get this Friday ..

latest update::::its satdy morn here ..this monday i should find out shipping details /price to carson L.A. cheers

So Donna takes a pile of pics.. runs the car up on ramps and takes like 40 pics of the underside and need to pay..... or not. Just let us know.

This is taking way too long.

No response as of yet...

Now aren't these all questions and issues that should have been resolved before he made the bid?

I'm thinking..yes.

So, tonight around 9:00 p.m. I'll be either getting some deposit money or initiating whatever processes ebay has in place to smear this guys good name.. and hopefully finding another bidder.



anotherbegger said...

Take a deep breath, don't bother to "smear his good name" . . . that won't help you in the long run.

Artie said...

Oh, that's just my way of saying that he's going to receive a negative on his feedback of 99.2% positive. I just don't think you should bid on something then make the sale "conditional"