Tuesday, June 24, 2008

CYLS installment #1..

This week I'm at CYLS.. as I stated earlier. It's Tuesday morning as I type this..almost lunch time.

The video stuff has been driving me nuts trying to get Family Reunion stuff edited and uploaded and to also video stuff from camp... but it's time to give you all an update.

We arrived late Sunday evening to meet with all the leaders that planned and arranged all the activities for this event. We went to eat and Humphrey Pete's and it was some good food but we were there a loooooooong time. After all day at family reunion on Saturday and then up bright and early for church on Sunday it was wearing me down...so thenwe went to Wal-Mart to get stuff.

Then we came together and had a brief meeting to get spiritually focused and ready for the next day..then to bed.

Monday was a day of set up for all, making posters, doing decorations, setting up sound, lights, AV etc. it was a good day.. not gremlins...yet.

All the students started arriving and registration was done then there were opening ceremonies some activities and evening worship.

Opening rocked.. these kids were pumped and getting after "No One Like You" and "Every Move".

When we came back for worship we re-visited No One Like You, then did Not to us.. not as well received but still rocked out pretty well and then Revolutionary Love.. the kids blew me away.. they sang it like they loved it.. I guess there are a few Crowder Heads here.

We then had a responsive reading that was focused on challenging us to be the church that we were meant to be...a brief prayer lead by a student leader and we went it to "A Beautiful Collision".. they loved it.. got great feedback later on how much they loved it..they were in to it.. I spoke of Christ's arrival on this earth was the collision of His perfection and love with our sin and weakness... then transitioned it to the fact that God loves us how we are and for who we are but he does not want us to remain languishing in our weakness and we have to seek that out and turn them over to him.. then lead it to "Search and Know" by Todd Wright... and Todd, they sung it like they loved it. Either they all have your CD or the could just feel it. I think that leads back to something I said about the CD a long time ago.. it feels good.. it feels comfortable.. they picked it up immediately and were pouring it out. It was awesome. I transitioned straight in to "Lay it Down" by Dave Lubbin. They were in to it.. all the way.

The keynote speaker is Rev Verzola Law and let me just say she transitioned in to some pretty spiritual and energetic prayer with the end of that song..hands raised.. hearts open..she was praying.. I was playing and singing.. Oh my.. it will me a moment I will remember forever. It was awesome. The word was brought.. students were giving an opportunity to lay down their burdens in sand.. to wash their hands.. and to receive communion before going in to a night of silence... Wow..

I was spent and overjoyed at the same time. We had a brief meeting with some powerful prayer then off to bed.

This morning started with students pouring out their feelings via sidewalk chalk drawings.. then breakfast then morning session...It was mostly fun and energetic songs and camp "energizers".. Star Trekkin.. .look it up.

Rain Down by Crowder and Pick it Up by PlanetShakers.. pretty fun.

Rev Law brought a message that was challenging and eye opening.. and then on to..In the Secret.. it was perfect for the Phillipians message.. then off to take pics.. its time for workshops and planning and I have some down time to do this..

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