Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Saying no..

Man.. I hate saying no. This weekend was another..well.. crazy one. Friday was a long hard day at FedEx. Started early and went long...then comes the Dance Rectal weekend from Hell!!!

I've got a friend of mine at work who's asking me to come to FUMC for a two on two fun basketball tourney that's a fund raiser for nets for kids. I'm telling him no way with all I have going on this weekend... a great cause but can't do it.

Friday night recital #1 wraps up around 8:30 p.m. for us and then it's to IHOP (Why not iHop..anyway). We're there for a little while then everyone else from the dance recital shows up. I've already had sensory overload for the weekend and am ready for some quiet.. well we're not getting it here. Anyway.. keyed up and tired finally get home and to bed around 11:30 or so.

I get to sleep in a little ..thank you Lord.. and then I have to get some work done.

I've got 3 songs I've got to do chord charts for... two songs I've never done in front of people before so I need to practice them.

I have family coming in to town around noon and then I get a call from a good friend that goes to FBC and they're having a big cookout down at Mantooth park. "Come on down, you can eat free.. it's just 4 blocks away". Man, I don't have time to walk down there and back and get everything done I need to do much less stop and visit which must happen.... that's a given.

You see at 2:00 I have recital #2 to go to for this weekend....and I have all that stuff to get done too.

After recital #2 is done for Hannah (we get to leave at intermission because she has no dances in the last half of the show) we get to go to Cheddar's and enjoy food and drink. We enjoy some time with family a small break and home for just a little I can work on chord charts a little more and practice those two new songs.

Then back to the middle school auditorium at 7:00 for the 3rd of 3 recitals... It gets done around 9:30 and we go get some marble slab.

A long busy day. More busy for my daughter Hannah. Heck she had a very busy week as she danced a lot over that time and at those 3 recitals. I just hated telling people NO to things that seemed so simple and easy..but there just wasn't any more time. Forgive me folks.

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oldfart said...

Dude, I was not even there at that thing at Mantooth park. The youth handed out all those flyers. One of the older Sunday school classes held that little "git-together."

No harm done. It does sound like you had a busy couple of days though.