Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Video Editing

OK, You don't have to watch this but I'm posting this to see how it works.. I just did some editing playing around with the two videos I already made the other night. It has an end slide that goes on far too long when played on windows media player but on here on the preview it looks ok so we'll see what happens when it publishes.. but hey.. this is way more than I could do two days ago!!! I'll have to do some more playing with it but it's looking pretty good.


oldfart said...

like a kid in a candy shop...lol

anotherbegger said...

I'm sure most of your viewers don't know what that image at the end of your video is. (TV test pattern)

Artie said...

oldfart..yes it's been fun playing with it..if I had only brought it to Taco Casa today to video you eating those 7 tacos..

anotherbegger..I don't think I have that many viewers, I know em and most of em are old like me...lol

oldfart said...

That was rather enjoyable. I'm glad we could get together. Tell Austin I enjoyed him being there as well.