Monday, June 9, 2008


Nikolee, our awesome summer youth intern, was in charge of worship Sunday night at "Liquid" our summer youth program. She used the the video below as a basis for her teaching.

I opened with one of my new favorite songs "The Twenty-first Time" by Monk and Neagle. She then had a student read 1 Corinthians 13:4-8

I then sang "A Beautiful Collision" and then Nilolee began the video.

The video choked me up. I had never seen it before but it did a great job of telling stories about people who demanded change.. peaceful change.

She then began teaching on 1 Peter 5:2-11
The main message was obviously "how will we serve?" and "how can we change the world?". Her discussions was also about "what are our motivations in doing these things?"

Nikolee did a great job in teaching from the scripture and challenging and questioning the students on how and what they can do.

I then did "Rise" by Robbie Seay Band and "Surely we can Change" by Crowder.

She then had the students go outside and do chalk drawings regarding the teaching. From looking at the drawings.. I think she got the point across.


Nikolee said...

Thanks Artie! The music that you choose really added to the message!

Artie said...

You laid the foundation.. I just picked some stuff... btw all.. these aren't all the pics.. I could just upload a few. My wireless net at home is driving me nuts and takes so long.. this was all I could stand.