Saturday, June 14, 2008


I recently was looking around on the dashboard of my blog to see if there was anything else interesting I could figure out how to do. Todd explained something pretty cool that I have started using and it's awesome.. I can schedule blogs for later publishing. Big deal you might say but considering the life I live at FedEx there are times when it's nuts and I have no time to do anything. There are times when things are running so smooth I have little to worry about. There are times when things are running smooth but I still have 3-5 conference calls and a staff meeting to hold so I'm pretty much held hostage at the office with little to do but be on these calls. Now they cover important information and I do pay attention but I'm a person that can multi-task. Anyway.. I have some time to blog but I don't want it all to show up NOW.

Anyway.. back to what I started with. I was looking around on the dashboard and I saw "Blogs of note"? On there was the "NYC Donut Report!!"

I love New York, I really do! Believe it or not this country bumpkin redneck born in Texas City and raised in Galveston County in Alta Loma, TX (The area has incorporated and taken the name "Santa Fe" named after the railroad stop.. Brilliant!!.. and the school.. we were the Santa Fe Indians) Loves New York.. I hope to live there some day.. not my whole life but would love to live there a few years or so.

Donuts.. I love know I love donuts just looking at me. I immediately fell in love with this site.. It will be one of my new regular stops as I do my daily blog visits.... check it out

I may even try to figure out how to have it feed to my site.. that's the next trick I want to learn. Oh and if you can tell me how to put the most recent comments up on the side somewhere I'd love to learn how to do that too.

Later folks!

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