Wednesday, June 4, 2008


I'm beginning to think that Tuesdays are jinxed...

Last week..well you can read it here AND here.

Yesterday... Up early as I have someone on vacation so I need to be to the office earlier to help with check-out.. get there around 0600 plus we had poor service on Monday so I have to be on an 0700 conference went on forever.

The rest of the day? Just seemed to be awkward and exhausting. Ran home and ate a late lunch then drove to Garrison to investigate a complaint..then drove back. My truck has no A/C so it was hot...Called the customer regarding the complaint and then he says he was just trying to let us know what we needed to know to deliver it to the right place. Why did customer service name this message a complaint??

Put all the paperwork together and respond to the complaint and fax it to the region.

At 6:15 I get a call from our "One Call" department. We had a few shipments that didn't make the trailer the night before. The customer service agent who called was so nice when she said.."I'm about to be so mean to you" It was funny. She said there was a pkg on our trailer that needed to be in Waco by 10:00 a.m. at a Doctors office so a child with a spinal deformity could be fitted with a neck brace and go to camp...

I told her to communicate with Express as to when their trailer leaves and I'd go find the package and drive it to Nacogdoches. I think she was a little surprised at my willingness and positive attitude but a kid going to camp??? What else could I do??

I go dig around in our trailer for a few minutes and find the package. I give her a call and she gives me the info I need to take it to Express. I run it up there with 15 minutes to spare before the trailer left. I head back home.. with 1/16th of a tank of gas left in my hot Dodge pick-up. I stop in Nac and give a gas station almost $90 bucks and fill up my truck. I get back and organize my office a little, pack my stuff and get home just a little before 7:30 p.m.

A long hard day....then Donna has me going through spreadsheets to verify numbers regarding stuff for her work at LISD. We order Pizza and I pour myself a tall cold diet coke and watch some TiVo Law & Order and I shut down for the night... I'll put my music together Wednesday at work.

I'm not complaining.. I'm blessed to have this job and to be able to do the things I do.. but two Tuesdays in a row??? I hope a pattern is not developing.

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