Saturday, June 21, 2008


I'm trying to get things ready to go to camp.. I had an old fav flashlight I've had for a few years but it has disappeared.. It has been borrowed and not put back and I have no idea where it off I go to try and by a flashlight (along with some birthday gifts for Hannah).

So many choices. I can't share them all. But here are a few.. and the prices..oh my goodness.





I finally opted for this one...

for 79 cents
I much more can those other lights do???


oldfart said...

So did you crop the pics with your camera?

Artie said...


Jason said...

You know Artie, I have one of those 6 "D" Cell Maglites that weigh around 20 tons. Ok not really 20 tons but it weighs a couple of pounds. Maybe you should look into getting one of those incase a bear tries to come after you.

Artie said...

That would mean I would have to carry that big ol flashlight.. nah..