Wednesday, June 25, 2008

CYLS Installment#2-b

Yesterday morning the council asked the campers to take a post-it note and do a spiritual doodle in regards to where they saw God or just how the spirit spoke to them..

In the afternoon they turned in their post it notes.

Last night in worship we sang In the Secret, O Praise Him and Rain Down...

Rev. Verzola law brought a wonderful message building on the Phillipians 3 message. We needed to get past our weaknesses and our brokenness and realize what we an do. We then transitioned in to an anointing with mud..yes a cross was placed on our foreheads in mud in that we are of the dirt and God will take what we are and who we are and do wonderful things.

We closed with "You're Everything" by Crowder and this was unveiled.. beautiful...

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