Thursday, June 12, 2008


I've mentioned that my daughter Hannah dances. She is pretty involved in dancing in that she does go to competitions and does solos. She is not heavily involved like some young ladies I've seen (there are girls that dance twice as much as she does).

I am so glad that my daughter loves to dance. I think of an old Steve Miller song "Dance, Dance, Dance" and I really think it has a lot to do with having joy in your heart and living a full life. The first verse is:

My grandpa, he's ninety fiveAnd he keeps on dancin', he's still alive

My grandma, she's ninety twoShe loves to dance and sing some too

I don't know but I've been toldIf you keep on dancing you'll never grow old.

My wife and I used to dance a lot when we were younger and I think we really need to go and start boot skootin' again some day. We loved it.. different kind of dancing but still "holistic health" is involved.

So, I am so very happy that my daughter loves to dance. I support her fully in this.

She has one more year of dancing in the local school she dances in. I send them money every month. I just do it and I hope that she enjoys it. I know she one would work as hard as they do and keep doing it if they didn't enjoy it.

Anyway.. the 2007-08 dance season is over. Donna sent me a spreadsheet with the anticipated cost of dance for the coming 2008-09 year. I never looked at it like this before. Wow...

Donna's spread sheet showed that we would spend .17 cents shy of $4,000 bucks over the next year. I'll be sending the dance school $335 a well spent. But just wait until next July....


Artie said...

fyi it's probably going to be summer 2010 before the cooper is mine but you get the picture anyway... :-) >

oldfart said...

That car is a "HOOT." I cannot see you in that so I will need to be the first to get a picture of you when you crawl into that thing. Future blog post no doubt. :)